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YouTube Content Ownership Assessment Exam Question and Answers 2021

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YouTube Content Ownership Certification Exam PDF

What three metrics can help you assess performance?

  • Device, views, playback location.
  • Geography, demographics, and watch time.
  • Comments, views, watch time.
  • Views, subtitles, revenue.

What is a prerequisite to using SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox delivery method?

  • Maintain a subscriber count above 100,000.
  • Deliver videos in HD resolution.
  • Upload more than 100 videos per month.
  • Provide an SSH Key to your account manager.

Which upload method is recommended for uploading or updating a few videos per week?

  • YouTube API
  • Aspera Dropbox
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Web upload interface in Creator Studio

Which of the following is an asset type?

  • Web
  • MPAA award
  • Movie trailer
  • IMDB reference

Which is a benefit of filtering data for analysis?

  • To quickly identify statistical outliers.
  • To hide non-relevant information.
  • To aggregate data into useful chunks.
  • To sort it by degree of importance.

Which of the following is true of Content ID?

  • Content ID is only available to channels with >1 million subscribers.
  • Content ID scans all uploads and removes portions that infringe copyright.
  • Content ID enables rights holders to block, track, or monetize uploads that use copyrighted content.
  • Content ID allows viewers to flag harmful or dangerous content.

How can an administrator exercise control over whether users can see revenue reports?

  • Notify partner manager of reporting preferences
  • This can’t happen: the full Analytics suite is available to everyone who’s signed in.
  • Invite users to be content owners via email.
  • Exclude revenue data from a user role.

If a content owner deactivates a reference file, it will:

  • Deactivate the reference file for 30 days and suspend matching
  • Stop claiming new user-uploaded content that matches the reference file
  • Continue matching new user uploads, but change the match policy to track
  • Release all prior claims made against the reference file, but continue matching new user uploads

When is a user video scanned by Content ID to see if it matches any delivered reference material?

  • As it is uploaded and at intervals later on
  • Only when it is first uploaded and published
  • When an ad is placed on the video
  • After it has received more than 1000 views

What is a benefit of managing your content with SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox solution?

  • High video quality
  • Ease of scalability
  • No technical expertise required
  • Offline disk import

What feature or filter can help you investigate why two videos of the same length have different audience retention metrics?

  • Filter.
  • Comparison.
  • Groups.
  • Date range.

In order to claim uploaded videos, what is the first step in the Content ID workflow for a partner, after verifying rights?

  • Deliver reference material to YouTube that reflects content ownership
  • Convert material into proprietary video format
  • Flag uploaded content that may infringe on rights
  • View and manage claim settings

Which two policy settings will activate the following: Monetize uploaded content on your channel and Track all user uploads?

  • Usage Policy = Track, Match Policy = none
  • Usage Policy = Track, Match Policy = Monetize
  • Usage Policy = Monetize, Match Policy = Track
  • This requires a custom policy

What form of expression is not subject to copyright?

  • Channel trailer
  • Comedy improv video
  • Animated TV show
  • Video title

Why is it important to review potentially invalid reference content?

  • To resolve reference overlaps
  • To prevent copyright strikes
  • To respond to disputes from another content owner
  • To verify the content complies with Content ID guidelines

Someone at your company is unfamiliar with how YouTube defines the term “asset.”? How would you describe it to them?

  • Policy applied to a video, music, or composition
  • Link between a video on YouTube and its monetary value
  • Container for information about a piece of intellectual property
  • Similar to a video that’s uploaded to a channel

You have an asset ownership conflict because you accidentally declared ownership for Canada. What should you do?

  • Remove your asset ownership for Canada
  • Download the Ownership report and filter by Canada
  • Contact the other asset owner to request an update
  • Edit your ownership if you plan to monetize

What might make an account be eligible for access to Content Manager?

  • Joining a multi-channel network, especially if it’s an international one.
  • They have become a YouTube partner, and need to manage channel revenue.
  • They manage a large, or multi-channel, content repository.
  • They produce parody or cover videos, and want to avoid copyright takedowns.

Which metric can provide the best insights into channel performance?

  • Watch time.
  • Devices.
  • Comments.
  • Demographics.

What form of expression is subject to copyright?

  • Short phrase
  • Names
  • Titles
  • Literary work

Which kind of content is eligible as a Content ID reference file?

  • Content released under open license
  • Content with exclusive territorial rights
  • Third-party clips under fair use/dealing principles
  • Public domain recordings

Which pattern might channels that monetize content often see at the start of a new calendar year?

  • A sharp uptick in overall revenue.
  • A decrease in views.
  • An increase in watch time.
  • A dip in advertising revenue.

Which watch time report will tell you where on the web viewers are finding your content?

  • Playback locations.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Devices.
  • Geography.

What is a method to create a reference file from a new or unclaimed video?

  • Change video privacy setting from Private to Public
  • All partner-uploaded videos automatically become references
  • Claim the video and enable Content ID matches
  • Select a usage policy

How would you specify which types of advertisements YouTube displays for a video?

  • YouTube automatically selects appropriate ad types.
  • You set ad types in the Monetize section of Content ID.
  • You specify ad types using advertising settings, which are distinct from a rights policy.
  • You specify ad types when you create your channel.

Partner BritFlix owns a movie in the UK. Your company owns a TV show which features a clip from the movie and creates a reference. What should you do with your reference file?

  • Exclude the segment with the movie clip.
  • Use the reference but agree to split the ad revenue.
  • Add ownership on BritFlix’s asset.
  • Deactivate the reference file in the UK.

What are the implications of selecting the claim option “block outside ownership”?

  • Your video will be made unavailable in countries where you don’t own the asset.
  • Your video will become Unlisted on your channel.
  • All user videos claimed against the asset will be made unavailable in areas where you don’t own the asset.
  • Other parties are unable to add ownership to your asset in territories that you don’t own it.

A partner decides to block user-uploaded videos. What happens to a user-uploaded video that matches the policy?

  • The video is unavailable for viewing and the uploader automatically receives a copyright strike.
  • The video is available for viewing but the uploader receives a copyright strike.
  • The video is viewable only on YouTube (embeds and other playbacks are disabled).
  • The video is unavailable for viewing but retains a unique URL.

What is an asset composed of?

  • Reference Material, Ad Formats
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright Notices
  • Ownership, Claims, Videos
  • Metadata, Ownership, Reference Material, Match Policy

How would you explain a policy to a partner who wants to control their content on YouTube?

  • Instructions for which ad formats should appear on videos.
  • YouTube’s legal framework for managing copyright infringement.
  • Set of rules that specify whether to monetize, track, or block a claimed video
  • Similar to a license. It gives permission for others to reuse content on the Internet.

What is a reason to update assets if your ownership rights change in some territories?

  • Establish new rights holder access to previously expired claims from the previous content owner
  • Enable multiple parties to share ownership of a web asset in the same territory
  • Ensure your asset ID changes with your ownership
  • Reduce asset ownership conflicts because you no longer have the rights and cannot apply your policies in those territories

Which of the following types of content should NEVER be enabled for matching?

  • Files longer than 45 minutes
  • Animation
  • Public domain content
  • Audio content without video

What is an example of a non-music asset type?

  • Movie
  • Music video
  • Composition
  • Sound recording

Imagine you have a library of video content that you want to manage on YouTube. What steps would you take to protect your content on YouTube?

  • Validate your assets with Video Manager
  • Create digital fingerprints and set permissions
  • Upload reference files and enable Content ID
  • File claims when notified of matching content

After how many days does a pending claim expire?

  • Never
  • 45 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days

A partner chooses to reinstate a Content ID claim after it has been disputed by a user. The user appeals the reinstatement of the claim. What happens next?

  • The user and partner must mediate the claim outside of the automated Content ID system.
  • The partner must decide whether to release the claim or issue a legal takedown notice.
  • The partner can choose to reinstate the claim again to assert their rights.
  • The user automatically receives permission to use the video.

What are the implications of having the wrong match policy or no policy set on your assets?

  • May lead to a policy dispute with another content owner
  • May prevent you from controlling and monetizing reuploads of your copyrighted material
  • May cause your channel to receive a partner strike
  • May prevent you from adjusting video privacy settings

What can you do to avoid partner strikes for copyright violations?

  • Mark all videos uploaded as original content
  • Maintain proper internal controls and educate your channels
  • Disable monetization on all channels
  • Add a Creative Commons license for all uploaded content

How does copyright apply to a cover song?

  • Is considered a reproduction and permission may be needed from the original content creator before it is used.
  • Copyright does not apply since the cover song is not fixed.
  • Is considered a collective work and it’s unnecessary to request permission from the content creator.
  • Copyright applies to new music videos but not audio recordings of covers.

What are the usage rights for music selected from YouTube’s Audio Library?

  • Any music can be used in videos according to the terms specified.
  • Music may be used for non-monetized videos only.
  • Only sound effects may be used, but not songs.
  • Songs can be used if you pay the owner royalties.

A partner hosts a YouTube talk show called “Cat Chat.” One episode consists of the host’s 10-minute interview with a veterinarian, followed by a 5-minute reel of viral cat videos that were uploaded to YouTube by other users. The partner obtained a commercial use license from the uploaders to use their cat videos on “Cat Chat.” The “Cat Chat” host now wishes to use Content ID to monetize clips from the show. The partner should…

  • Not upload the video as a reference file at all, because it contains third-party content.
  • Not upload the video as a reference file at all, because interview footage is not copyrightable.
  • Upload only the 10-minute interview as a reference file, because the partner does not own the viral videos exclusively.
  • Upload the entire episode as a reference file, because she has a license to use the viral cat videos.

A partner would like to organize its YouTube asset library into groups. Which feature would you recommend they use?

  • Campaigns
  • Reference tags
  • Asset labels
  • Custom policies

How can the YouTube Copyright Center help you with copyright?

  • It gives you advice about your specific video.
  • It connects you to the person who uploaded the infringing video.
  • It offers resources on managing copyright and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • It contains tools for you to instantly remove videos that violate any laws.

Copyright protects original work. Which of the following is an example of a video that you may not be able to protect by copyright?

  • A series of reactions to other people’s videos
  • A video of you at home offering beauty tips
  • Commentary and critique of copyrighted works
  • A video made entirely from a compilation of funny clips from YouTube videos found on other channels

If a Content ID claim is disputed, how much time does the claimant have to respond?

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 48 hours
  • 1 week

A user disputes a claim, after which you review the video and decide it should be removed from YouTube for using your copyrighted content. What happens if you select “takedown”? On this disputed claim?

  • The video is removed from search results but still published.
  • A legal takedown notice is issued against this video.
  • The request is forwarded to the partner manager for evaluation.
  • The claim is released.

You notice someone has uploaded a video to YouTube that you own. What’s required if you wish to request a copyright takedown?

  • Your attorney must submit a formal request to a court.
  • Anyone can flag a video, and a copyright takedown notice will be sent to the person who uploaded the video.
  • As the copyright owner or authorized agent, you must submit a fully completed notification of copyright infringement.
  • Person who uploaded the video must admit to using copyrighted material.

One of my favorite artists passes away and I want to upload her song in a tribute video. What should I consider first?

  • Clear any pending claims you have in your account before adding new content.
  • Use the song freely because it has automatically entered the public domain.
  • Estimate the number of other videos that may also use this song in their tribute videos.
  • Request permission to use it since the song is likely still covered by copyright protection.

A user disputes a claim, because the matched segment actually comes from public domain footage. What happens when you select “Release and Exclude” on this disputed claim?

  • Performance data is excluded from YouTube Analytics reports.
  • The claim is released and an exclusion on the underlying reference file is created.
  • Underlying reference data is removed to prevent future claims.
  • A legal takedown notice is issued to the user who uploaded the content.

What is a translation of an existing work considered?

  • Collective work
  • Compilation
  • Trademark
  • Derivative work

What legal protection applies to brand names, mottos, and logos?

  • Fair use
  • Privacy
  • Patent
  • Trademark

If you need advice on an issue related to copyright law, whom should you ask?

  • United States Copyright Office
  • An attorney
  • YouTube Copyright Center
  • An account manager

What is the benefit of a default usage policy?

  • When you have no match policy, your default usage policy is applied as the match policy.
  • YouTube applies the default usage policy to videos that users upload to their channels, which produces better Content ID matches.
  • YouTube applies the default usage policy to videos that you upload to your channels, which speeds up the setup process.
  • If you don’t select a default policy, YouTube uses the predefined policy Block Everywhere.

What are you allowed to do with content on YouTube that has a Creative Commons license?

  • Reuse per terms of the license
  • Only use for non-commercial works
  • Claim as original work
  • Use without attribution

Which two policies would enable you to monetize all user-uploaded videos, but make partner-uploaded videos unavailable on your channel?

  • Usage Policy = Track, Match Policy = Monetize
  • Usage Policy = Monetize, Match Policy = Block
  • Usage Policy = Block, Match Policy = Monetize
  • Usage Policy = none, Match Policy = Block

A copyright takedown has been retracted by the copyright owner. What happens as a result?

  • The video is restored but cannot be monetized.
  • The copyright strike is removed from the user’s account.
  • The claimant is prevented from filing future copyright takedowns.
  • The copyright strike changes to “pending”? status.

Two partners have a reference overlap. What happens if the second partner to deliver the reference file selects “Assert Exclusive Rights”?

  • The first partner will immediately lose claims on the content and should remove the overlapping portion from their reference.
  • User videos that match only the excluded portion will be claimed by both partners, but excluded from the other partner’s list of claims.
  • User videos that match only the excluded portion will be given to the second partner who selected “Assert Exclusive Rights”.
  • The first partner will be asked to review the overlap, and either assert exclusive rights or exclude the overlapping segment from their reference.

Imagine someone uploads a video to YouTube with copyrighted material. If the copyright owner sets a policy to block user uploads, what happens?

  • It’s marked as unavailable for viewing in the territories specified by the copyright owner.
  • It’s flagged for a copyright takedown notice.
  • It’s deleted from the site within 10 business days.
  • It’s designated as a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.

How do copyright laws apply internationally?

  • Vary by country
  • Laws follow either EU or US precedent
  • Same across all countries
  • Common standards are updated annually

What is a claim?

  • A container for information about a piece of intellectual property
  • Policy that enables monetization for all videos
  • Link between a video uploaded to YouTube and an asset
  • A legal process to prove ownership of intellectual property

Which of the following things can be protected by copyright?

  • Abstract ideas
  • Photos
  • Methods of operation
  • Facts

Your company has given another party the right to use your content in their videos. How would you prevent an automated Content ID claim from happening on their channel?

  • Ask the other party to enter your channel ID in their asset metadata
  • Turn off “Enable Content ID matching”?.
  • Whitelist the other party’s channel.
  • Duplicate your asset so the other can assign ownership to the content

Why is it important for you to choose references carefully?

  • To ensure accurate claiming of user videos so you can control your content
  • To identify the languages for which you have ownership
  • References are rejected if they contain third-party content
  • You cannot modify your reference after it’s created

A partner owns the rights to a video in Spain, but not other regions. They upload the video to their YouTube channel, but aren’t sure what settings to apply. What would you recommend they do?

  • Don’t assign ownership until the partner has secured worldwide rights.
  • Set ownership on the asset to all countries. Set a match policy of block outside of Spain
  • Set ownership on the asset to Spain, and set block outside ownership on the claim.
  • Set ownership on the asset to Spain only.

What should you do if you find a YouTube video showing harmful or dangerous acts?

  • Send an email to the person who uploaded the video
  • Nothing, because it’s freedom of expression
  • Submit a copyright takedown request
  • Report the video using the Flag action

You see a video on YouTube that includes short clips from a copyrighted work. How can you evaluate whether fair use (or fair dealing) applies?

  • Compare the video to other ones on the uploader’s channel.
  • Submit the video to the automated system for evaluation.
  • Consider the criteria for fair use (or fair dealing), including whether the video is a parody or critique with social value.
  • Calculate the percentage of copyrighted content to make sure it’s less than 25%.

What is an effective strategy for avoiding copyright issues on YouTube?

  • Appeal all claims made against the content you upload
  • Include less than 10 seconds of other people’s work
  • Only upload original content
  • Delete videos after you receive a copyright notice

How does YouTube handle valid infringement notifications from copyright owners?

  • Assigns a badge to the uploader’s channel home page to identify them as an abusive actor.
  • On a quarterly basis, publishes and shares a list of accounts that have been uploading copyrighted material.
  • Removes the video from the site and issues a copyright strike to the uploader.
  • Immediately shares information about the case with local law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

When should you seek permission to use copyrighted work?

  • While the video is being transcoded for use
  • Before you upload your video to YouTube
  • After the video has received at least 100 views
  • When you monetize your video

An automated Content ID claim is made for a user-uploaded video, and the user who uploaded the video disputes the claim. As the copyright owner of the video, what option would you choose if you no longer wish to assert your rights on the disputed content?

  • Release
  • Reinstate
  • Restore
  • Takedown

How does copyright apply to a movie review video?

  • May be considered fair use (or fair dealing) to use a very short movie clip to support commentary about the plot or characters.
  • Allows a review to add as many pieces of footage from the movie if it’s listed as a movie review.
  • Video footage may be used as long as the sound is disabled.
  • Prevents any footage from being shown without written consent from the actors who have dialogue.

What do you need to use somebody’s copyrighted work in your video?

  • Explicit permission from the copyright owner
  • Link to the original work in the metadata
  • On-screen reference at the beginning of the video
  • Full name of the owner listed in the final credits

How can content owners benefit from copyright management on YouTube?

  • They can monetize user-generated content that uses copyrighted material.
  • They can issue a “copyright strike” whenever the automated system flags a potential violation.
  • They can quickly remove up to 100 videos with the Copyright takedown webform.
  • They can eradicate pirate sites from the internet.

A user disputes a claim for music playing in the background of their video. What happens to this disputed claim if you select “Reinstate”?

  • Upheld but the claim is set to “none”?.
  • Routed to third-party review board for manual investigation.
  • Claim becomes active again and partner policy is applied to the video.
  • The user who uploaded the content receives notice for violating terms of use.

What happens if a disputed claim is left in your queue for more than 30 days?

  • Nothing happens since a claim may indefinitely sit in the queue.
  • Claim is released.
  • Claim is extended for 30 more days.
  • Claim defaults to Block and then can be appealed.

Imagine a copyright takedown notice was mistakenly issued for content uploaded to YouTube. Which party may retract the notice?

  • The person who uploaded the video
  • It’s not possible to retract the notice
  • 3rd party arbitrator for copyright claims
  • The one that originally submitted the notice

A user disputes a claim, citing fair use/dealing guidelines. What happens if you select “Release” on this disputed claim?

  • The claim becomes pending until the user responds
  • The claim is set to inactive and your match policy isn’t applied
  • The claim is released and the policy changes to “Track”?
  • The claim moves to the “Released Claims”? queue

What happens if YouTube’s system detects a low confidence match?

  • The claim is released but may be reinstated after 30 days.
  • The match policy is applied unless it is Monetize.
  • The corresponding reference file is classified as pending.
  • The claim is routed for review by the content owner.

Which accurately describes how copyright applies to a remix or mashup?

  • These are protected by fair use, so you don’t need permission from the original content creators.
  • These have not been defined under current copyright law, so it’s unclear.
  • These are considered original works, so you would own the copyright.
  • These can be considered derivative works under the law, and you may need permission from the original content creators.

While reviewing disputes, you see a disputed claim from an uploader who has obtained a valid license. What should you do?

  • Release the claim
  • Release the claim and exclude the segment from matching
  • Reinstate the claim
  • Takedown

Which of the following is a factor when U.S. courts analyze fair use?

  • Name of the original creator included on screen
  • Addition of a link to original content in the metadata
  • Inclusion of a disclaimer to the subsequent use
  • Purpose and character of the use

What could happen if you have indistinct content in your reference?

  • Content ID mutes the audio portion.
  • Content ID deletes the reference.
  • The asset type is converted to Web.
  • This may lead to erroneous claims.

How does YouTube help manage the rights for content you upload to the platform?

  • Uses a team of reviewers to manually inspect all content uploaded.
  • Creates referral lists of people who can advocate on your behalf.
  • Builds technologies such as Content ID to help manage rights at scale.
  • Provides legal advice during a dispute about uploaded content.

Who can grant you permission to use portions of another video you saw on YouTube?

  • As long as the original work is referenced in the video, no other permission is needed
  • Owner of the channel where the video was uploaded
  • After a video has been uploaded to YouTube, Content ID grants permission
  • Copyright owner of original video and all works contained within it

You’ve delivered a reference file that contains identical audio, video, or audiovisual material as a reference file previously delivered by another partner. What is the result?

  • The reference overlap is surfaced for you to review and address.
  • The older reference file overwrites the newer one.
  • Nothing happens in this case.
  • The reference file is attributed to the partner with the most channel subscribers.

Which watch time report will tell you where on the web viewers are watching your content?

  • Playback locations.
  • Devices.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Geography.

While reviewing disputes, you see a disputed claim made because of a match to a short clip of non-exclusive content included in your otherwise valid reference file. What is the best action for you to take?

  • Release the claim and exclude the matched portion from your reference to prevent future matches
  • Release the claim and deactivate the reference file
  • Reinstate the claim and change your match policy to Block
  • Takedown

Which accurately describes how copyright applies to a cover song?

  • When performing a cover song, you still need to be sure that you have the permission of the songwriter or composer.
  • This is protected by fair use, so you don’t need permission from the original content creator.
  • A cover song is considered a transformative work, so you don’t need permission from the original content creator.
  • You may want to change some of the lyrics in your cover song, so you would avoid copyright issues.

What option is available to all copyright owners to request removal of infringing content?

  • Creator review board
  • Copyright notification web form
  • YouTube Copyright School
  • Partner manager escalation

What section of CMS provides access to YouTube’s automated tools for rights management?

  • Content ID
  • Video Identification
  • Creator Studio
  • Video Manager

When two partners each add worldwide ownership to a non-music asset, with Monetize policies, what happens to that asset?

  • Only the partner that initially added ownership to the asset will receive the worldwide revenue.
  • Only the partner that most recently added ownership will receive the worldwide revenue.
  • Asset will monetize on behalf of both partners. Revenue will be equally split.
  • Asset will go into a state of conflict. Both partners’ monetization policies will not apply in the overlapping territories.

What is the final step when using the Package uploader?

  • Click “Validate”? button.
  • Upload metadata files through UI.
  • Drag and drop media files.
  • Process the package.

What are three dimensions that can provide insight into the sources of watch time?

  • Device, views, playback location.
  • Geography, device, and language.
  • Language, watch time, demographics.
  • Geography, subtitles, revenue.

A partner decides to claim user-uploaded videos with a Track policy. What data on the video will the partner have access to?

  • Watch Time minutes added to their total account.
  • Views from the video added on to their own uploaded version of the video.
  • Analytics data on the video.
  • Revenue from ads shown on the video.

When is copyright attached to a creative work?

  • When the creative work is registered with the international copyright office
  • After the creative work is communicated to another party by any means
  • As soon as the creative work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression
  • After it has been approved by a local copyright attorney

YouTube receives a legal notice to take down a video uploaded by a creator without the copyright owner’s permission. What will the creator receive?

  • Warning of possible account termination if copyright abuse continues
  • Instructions for contacting the copyright owner to obtain a license
  • Notice to mediate the dispute or face legal fines
  • A document to fill out to file an appeal

Partner A and Partner B deliver reference files with some overlapping content. On the Reference overlaps page, Partner B selects “Exclude”?. What happens to user videos that match only the excluded portion?

  • These go to Partner B.
  • These are now claimed by both partners.
  • These go to Partner A.
  • These will now be unclaimed.

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