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YouTube Channel Growth Assessment Exam Question and Answers 2023

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YouTube Channel Growth Certification Exam PDF

If you want to adjust the channel’s demographic to attract primarily 13-17 year old females, what could you do to shift this demographic?

  • Produce more content that matches popular trends of teen girls and set a publishing schedule to align with after-school hours.
  • Keep the content the same, but change the publishing schedule to be late at night.
  • Change the content to be about travel, and try a monthly publishing schedule.
  • Keep the content the same, but do more promotion on social media.

What is one way that channel managers help grow a channel?

  • Set watch time and subscriber goals.
  • Evaluate the channel’s role in the ecosystem and how it can leverage the other elements of the ecosystem.
  • Assess competitors’ content and duplicate their content strategy.
  • Encourage the channel to solely focus on viral content.

When do fluctuations in CPMs typically happen?

  • They dip at the end of the year and rise at the beginning of the year.
  • CPMs don’t fluctuate, they are a fixed value across the year.
  • CPMs rise at the end of a quarter and dip at the beginning of a quarter.
  • They rise at the beginning of the quarter and dip at the end of the quarter.

What does the Translations report allow you to do?

  • Determine which languages are spoken by viewers of the original video.
  • Forecast how much budget to allocate to translating videos.
  • Analyze the performance of localized content.
  • See which keywords are most popular in different regions.

Why is it important to look at the overall revenue and CPMs per country?

  • To identify the potential advertising agencies in each country to target.
  • To identify how each country contibutes to overall revenue based on viewership and CPMs.
  • To identify the demographics in each country.
  • To verify the macro level market trends that influence viewership, CPM, and ad rates.

When optimizing for mobile, what is not part of the standard checklist?

  • See if video titles have important keywords in front.
  • Change the font for the channel description.
  • Look at video thumbnails at smaller size.
  • Check channel art on mobile screens.

How can reading video comments inform the channel’s content strategy?

  • Change the programming schedule based on comments from early fans.
  • Determine what your most popular search terms are.
  • There’s no value in reading comments.
  • Identify what types of content appeal to the audience.

How does YouTube provide opportunity for micro-moments?

  • YouTube allows brands and creators to upload short videos.
  • YouTube allows brands and creators to get infront of audiences at critical moments in the consumer journey.
  • YouTube decreases time between upload and impression.
  • YouTube enables brands to increase ad formats.

A key consideration when evaluating a video description is:

  • Are important words in all caps?
  • Does the description use correct punctuation?
  • Do the video title and description start with the same word?
  • What is visible on the top 3 lines?

Why is it important to connect your YouTube channel with an AdSense account?

  • So that you can get paid for ad revenue.
  • So that you can enable different ad formats.
  • So that ads can run on the channel.
  • So that you can enable monetization on the channel.

What low-investment strategies could a channel do that may help increase viewership in a particular country?

  • Leverage your community to crowd source captions and metadata translations.
  • Identify local talent and create a dubbed version of the video to improve the native viewing experience.
  • Do nothing, viewership contribution from other countries has minimal impact on revenue.
  • Produce a new video on the same topic with top creators in that market.

Which of the following ad formats typically has the lowest CPMs?

  • Display ads
  • Skippable reserve
  • Non-skippable reserve
  • Auction ads

Which one of the following metrics may not be a part of your top level revenue performance?

  • All of these should be included when you pull your top level performance metrics.
  • Views and watch time
  • CPM
  • Estimated monetized playbacks (EMPs)

What is the most common revenue stream channels use to earn money on YouTube?

  • Rentals
  • Brand deals
  • Crowdfunding
  • Ad revenue

Which factor may contribute to a video being demonetized due to advertiser-unfriendliness?

  • The video was uploaded from an unmonetizable country.
  • The channel manager has blocked ads from many sensitive categories.
  • The video contains age-restricted material.
  • The video is on a channel that has not enabled monetization.

Which one of the following is not recommended for playlists?

  • Add curated playlists (such as video collabs).
  • Remove videos that are older than 6 months.
  • Organize playlists according to a theme.
  • Assemble a “Best of” playlist to highlight most watched videos.

Which is an example of a measurable question to ask?

  • Does the audience watching our videos match our intended target demographic?
  • Why did our recent video go viral?
  • How can we get a lot of younger viewers to care about our content?
  • Which YouTube Analytics report contains demographic information?

What action could you take to optimize content if you see a sudden drop in audience retention at the beginning of the video?

  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.
  • Examine bumps and consider including similar elements in future videos.
  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.
  • Eliminate or shorten elements that consistently result in dips and declines.

What metric found in the Cards report can help you evaluate performance?

  • Ratio of clicks to card impressions
  • Total watch time associated with cards
  • Average view duration of videos with cards
  • Merchandise purchased from direct links in cards

Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how video titles drive discovery?

  • Titles contain information on the video upload schedule.
  • Serial content includes episode number at end.
  • Most important keywords are in front.
  • Title and thumbnail work together to tell a compelling story.

If an entertaining piece of content turns out to be highly searched for, what could that indicate?

  • Lack of interest in entertainment
  • Demand for educational content
  • Need for content syndication
  • Opportunity for inspirational content

What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?

  • 1.Connect channel with AdSense 2. Turn ad formats on the videos 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1.Turn ad formats on the videos 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1.Enable the channel for monetization 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Turn ad formats on the videos.
  • 1.Select videos to monetize 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.

How can multi-line graphs help distinguish video performance?

  • Plot real-time data on an interactive map.
  • Visualize a pie chart with relative performance data.
  • See the performance of up to 25 videos at a glance.
  • Filter reports by content owner.

Which is not an example of a benchmark?

  • The watch time is growing 20% QoQ.
  • The channel uploads 50% more videos than any other channel in the same category.
  • The audience retention rate for the comedy series is 70%.
  • External websites drive 80% of the traffic sources.

How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?

  • In-stream ads always generate the most revenue.
  • Use the Ad rates report to compare the estimated revenue amounts generated from each ad type.
  • Skippable video ads always generate the most revenue.
  • Use the Revenue report to break down how well each ad type is performing.

Why might you compare watch time patterns by content groups?

  • To determine if the content is advertiser-friendly
  • To see whether watch time patterns map to the video release schedule
  • To confirm that the content matches the audience demographic
  • To predict watch time for a future series

What is a way to use the “Compare” feature in YouTube Analytics to determine benchmarks?

  • Compare performance with a competitor’s channel.
  • Compare forecasted revenue with actual revenue.
  • Compare YouTube Analytics data with data from third-party sources.
  • Compare performance metrics between two separate time periods.

What is a reserve ad?

  • An ad provided by an established YouTube partner
  • An ad that will be requested before auction ads
  • An ad with the guaranteed highest CPMs
  • An ad that will be requested if no auction ads are available

If a particular content format underperforms, what action might be appropriate?

  • Immediately change these videos to private.
  • Investigate what can be done to increase performance of these videos.
  • Update the channel’s mission statement.
  • Disable monetization on these videos.

What might be used as a channel icon?

  • Your mission statement
  • A photo of famous celebrities
  • Your company logo
  • An animated GIF

Which is true of reserve ads?

  • Because impressions cannot be guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.
  • They can only be sold and served via Google’s Ad Exchange, or AdWords for video.
  • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a fixed rate.
  • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.

Which of the following content types deters advertisers from showing ads on your videos?

  • Explicit language
  • Parodies
  • Trending topics
  • Collaborations

Where is a recommended place to add the channel mission statement?

  • About tab
  • What to Watch Next module
  • Video title
  • Branding watermark

What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?

  • Channels are not able to block the different types of ads that may show up on their channel.
  • Channels can only block all ads or show all ads.
  • Channels can block the types of ads that may be inappropriate to the channel, like sensitive or age-appropriate ads or competing ads.
  • Channels can pick which advertiser can show ads on their channel.

What is an auction ad?

  • An ad from from non-YouTube partners
  • An ad from a non-YouTube ad network
  • Does not exist.
  • An ad sold to the highest bid

What influences how ads get onto a channel’s videos?

  • Ad placement is only determined by the channel’s content.
  • Audience demographic, engagement of the viewers, and content category
  • The channel’s comments.
  • Sponsorship deals are required before ad placement is possible.

What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hero channel?

  • A drop in watch time after publishing the video, followed by a spike 30 days later
  • A huge spike in watch time soon after publishing the video
  • A pattern consisting of spikes in watch time soon after publishing each video
  • Little or no increase in watch time soon after publishing each video

Why are subscribers generally key to a channel’s success on YouTube?

  • They watch content on multiple devices.
  • They are more likely to find content in YouTube search.
  • They probably pay closer attention to ads than non-subscribers.
  • They tend to spend more time watching than viewers who are not subscribed.

What information from YouTube Analytics can help you optimize video metadata?

  • Top keywords people search for to find your videos
  • Keywords used by subscribers
  • Most popular keywords by gender, age, and geography
  • Top 10 trending searches on Google

To determine if a channel has effective metadata, what can you evaluate?

  • Video titles, tags, and descriptions accurately represent the content.
  • Viewer comments include keywords found in your tags.
  • Channel trailer showcases the mission and brand.
  • Suggested videos are similar to your playlists.

What is the value of a strong call to action to subscribe within a channel trailer?

  • Subscribers would try to subscribe again.
  • Viewers compelled by the video would subscribe.
  • Subscribers compelled by the video would tell all their friends.
  • Viewers would be more likely to watch the trailer again.

If a sports channel broadcasts professional American football games and wants to target local university students, which demographic might be the best fit for this criteria?

  • Males, ages 13-34, living in Canada
  • Males, ages 35-45, living in the United States
  • Females, ages 35-45, living in Brazil
  • Males, ages 18-24, living in the United States

How can you best determine changes in traffic sources over time?

  • Compare traffic sources from different days of the week.
  • Group videos by content format, then contrast their traffic sources.
  • Look at a multi-line graph of traffic sources over a date range.
  • Rank traffic sources in order of importance to the channel.

What is the goal of the ad serving model?

  • To help brands target only audiences they’re interested in.
  • To help serve the most lucrative ad to the right viewer at the right time.
  • To help viewers watch their favorite ads.
  • To help creators share their most creative ads to advertisers.

Which one of these techniques is not listed as a way to drive traffic from social media?

  • Use a different name and logo across social media so the YouTube channel is unique.
  • Add teasers or clips on social media to promote recent video uploads.
  • Update copy on social profile pages to highlight your YouTube channel.
  • Enable optional tabs or buttons in social media feeds to link to YouTube.

How might you know if you are increasing your subscriber watch time?

  • You will see a spike in subscriber watch time after a video is published.
  • You will see an oscillating curve of watch time from your subscribers.
  • You will see a gradual slope of watch time increase from your non-subscribers.
  • You will see a steep decline in watch time from your subscribers.

How would you know whether a new video series has a high audience retention rate?

  • Compare the ratio of likes to dislikes.
  • Analyze how the first video in the series performed in the first 24 hours.
  • Use the audience retention report to set a baseline for all videos.
  • Compare the audience retention rate of a group of videos in the series to the channel average.

Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a flat curve?

  • All formats
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational

What is a recommended action to support Help content programming?

  • Model the programming schedule after another channel with a lot of subscribers.
  • Check out Google Trends for high-volume searches in the category.
  • Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.
  • Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.

If you find content with high watch time from subscribers, what can you do next?

  • Change the metadata on these videos.
  • See what these videos have in common so you can replicate these elements.
  • See what these videos have in common so you can minimize these elements.
  • Change the content strategy to target non-subscribers.

What is the difference between reserve and auction ads?

  • Ad networks can participate in auctions.
  • Reserve ads are served via AdSense.
  • Reserve ads guarantee impressions and have higher costs than auction ads.
  • Auction ads can be bought on a fixed rate.

If you see a watch time pattern with periodic spikes in your watch time report, which one of the reasons is least likely?

  • The spikes could represent the changes in the number of likes/dislikes.
  • The spikes could represent a periodic fluctuation in viewership over time.
  • The spikes could correspond to a consistent upload schedule.
  • The spikes could correspond to when subscribers watch new releases.

How can you benefit by analyzing which videos have the most likes or dislikes?

  • You can develop a plan to produce a viral video hit.
  • You can better refine the content strategy based on what seems to be most liked by the audience.
  • You can conclude that liked videos were added to many playlists.
  • You can analyze non-controversial topics.

What is a recommended action to support Hero content programming?

  • Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.
  • Model the programming schedule after another channel with a lot of subscribers.
  • Check out Google Trends for high-volume searches in the category.
  • Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.

What action could you take to optimize content based on seeing a flat audience retention curve?

  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.
  • Eliminate or shorten elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Examine bumps and consider including similar elements in future videos.
  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.

If the largest traffic source is external, what opportunity could you take?

  • Notify subscribers about every new video.
  • Partner with additional websites to drive more traffic to the channel.
  • Customize content for tablets and game consoles.
  • Optimize video metadata for YouTube search.

Which is not one of the metrics suggested for analyzing the Traffic Sources report?

  • Split between external and YouTube traffic sources
  • Highest traffic source and the top 5 traffic sources
  • Spikes and drops in particular traffic sources over time
  • The number of traffic sources divided by the number of viewers

What metric found in the End Screens report can help you improve the viewer experience?

  • Like and dislikes for each end screen
  • Audience retention of end screen elements
  • Number of times an end screen element is shown and clicked
  • Demographic profile of viewers who click on end screens

What is a best practice many channels use for their sections?

  • Populate the top section with popular videos.
  • Create no more than 3 sections.
  • Assemble sections to appeal primarily to long-time subscribers.
  • Reorder sections every week to keep content fresh.

Who are the three key players that drive the YouTube ecosystem?

  • Viewers, fans, brands
  • Viewers, Creators, Advertisers
  • Creators, Gamers, Musicians
  • Channel managers, Content managers, Production managers

If you want the option of gambling or alcohol ads to appear on your channel videos, what do you need to do?

  • Opt into sensitive ads.
  • Age gate your channel.
  • Do nothing, these automatically display.
  • Opt out of ad categories.

How might you incorporate the audience into a mission statement?

  • Appeal to a universal audience so that the channel can grow quickly.
  • Always call out the gender and age range that sounds favorable to advertisers.
  • Identify the target audience and why they would be interested in the channel.
  • Avoid mentioning the audience because you may not know who is watching.

What is an estimated monetized playback (EMP)?

  • The approximate number of the channel’s views that resulted in an ad impression
  • The approximate number of playbacks that had allowable ads for monetization
  • The approximate number of monetized views that resulted from an ad shown
  • The approximate number of subscribers who saw an ad

How can taking a snapshot of your channel performance help you with assessing your channel?

  • To establish a baseline benchmark to compare against goals.
  • To compare online and offline advertising budgets.
  • To determine which single video contributed the most revenue.
  • To measure short-term performance improvements.

How might you determine the target audience before starting a YouTube channel?

  • Conduct a competitive analysis to determine what demographic responds well to the types of content the channel makes.
  • Conduct an online poll.
  • Go with your instincts.
  • Review the channel’s Demographics report.

What action could you take to optimize content if you see repeated dips in your audience retention curve?

  • Review the content around the dips and consider eliminating or shortening elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Edit the video so it ends at the initial dip.
  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.
  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.

What is the recommended first step in a channel assessment?

  • Develop a roadmap for growing a channel and business on YouTube
  • Ask important questions to uncover key learnings about a channel
  • Experiment with two different programming strategies to see the results
  • Collect and analyze subscriber data from YouTube Analytics

If a serious news channel has a mission to “shine a light on underreported stories around the globe,” what might it want to feature in its channel trailer?

  • A request for subscribers to provide funding for new content
  • A message to political leaders to reform government
  • An amusing interview with reporter outtakes
  • Video clip examples of these underreported stories and a call-to-action to subscribe

Which is a good example of a mission statement for a YouTube channel?

  • Bring the most delicious food content around — with features, explainers, animations, recipes, and much more.
  • Efficiently provide access to high-quality services as well as endeavor to proactively embrace best-of-breed deliverables.
  • Give people a voice and a chance to succeed, bring them together, and show them the world.
  • Make great content that everyone will love and share.

Which is not an example of a measurable question that you can ask during a channel assessment?

  • Does the audience demographic on the channel’s latest video series match the expected demographic?
  • What percentage of our viewers come from mobile devices?
  • What should we do next on our channel?
  • Which groups of videos are being watched the most by subscribers?

If your demographic changes on your latest video series and you see lower audience retention rates, which is the least likely next step?

  • Review how much this series alone affects overall watch time.
  • Do nothing, since audience match is not important for channel growth.
  • Make a decision on whether the content in this series should change.
  • Review traffic sources to see how different audiences are discovering this new series.

How can you effectively measure which content resonates with subscribers?

  • Use the Comments report and filter for comments from non-subscribers.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “audience preference”.
  • Use the Subscribers report and select “Subscribers lost” for the last 30 days.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “subscribers”.

What is a recommended action to support Hub content programming?

  • Check out Google Trends for high-volume searches in the category.
  • Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.
  • Model the programming schedule after another channel with a lot of subscribers.
  • Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.

You have an English channel and notice that more viewership is starting to come from two Latin American countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese. What is something simple you can consider doing to maximize this opportunity?

  • Produce new videos in Spanish and Portuguese with local talent immediately.
  • Add subtitles/CC and localized metadata for these countries’ languages.
  • Produce dubbed videos in Spanish and Portuguese and start new channels for these languages.
  • Keep your videos as English only to stay focused on your primary audience.

Which could be a reason that two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?

  • Differing video resolution across videos
  • Number of likes and dislikes
  • Enablement of different ad formats
  • Privacy settings

Which of the following ways can you use YouTube Analytics to look at how well your ads are doing across a channel’s videos?

  • Review the Ad rates report to see how different types of ads are performing.
  • Review the Revenue report to get final earnings from each of the different ad types.
  • Review the Benchmark report to review your revenue streams.
  • Review the Transaction revenue report to see how many times ads were sold on your videos.

Which one of these techniques is suggested to improve the performance of cards?

  • Include a verbal call-to-action when the card appears.
  • Enable cards for desktop viewers only.
  • Insert all cards in the first 15 seconds of the video.
  • Add at least 5 cards to each video.

Where can you get the most measurable data to analyze the performance of a channel?

  • YouTube Dashboard
  • YouTube Blog
  • Google Insights
  • YouTube Analytics

Why is it important to assess discovery on YouTube?

  • There is a direct correlation between discovery and video length.
  • Knowledge of discovery allows you to optimize the channel for optimum views.
  • You need to understand who is visiting the channel in order to serve the appropriate ads to them.
  • Channels with lower discovery should focus solely on viral videos.

Which compare metric would you use with the Watch time report to determine whether channel programming is Hero, Hub, or Help?

  • Videos added
  • Videos published
  • Subscribed & non-subscribed
  • Average percentage viewed

Which order outlines what ad formats take up the most to least space on the video player?

  • Skippable, Overlay, Display
  • Skippable, Display Overlay
  • Overlay, Skippable, Display
  • Overlay, Display, Skippable

Ad formats are requested in which order?

  • Overlay, Instream, Display
  • Instream, Display, Overlay
  • Display, Overlay, Instream
  • Instream, Overlay, Display

How can the “Groups” feature help determine performance for a set of videos?

  • Organize separate reports into groups so it’s easier to find data in one place.
  • Assemble videos into groups so viewers can discover related videos.
  • Divide videos into groups to see how viewers engage with different content formats.
  • Assign team members to groups so only managers can access financial data.

What action could you take to optimize content if you see bumps in your audience retention curve?

  • Examine bumps and consider including similar elements in future videos.
  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.
  • Eliminate or shorten elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.

Why would you want to review the ratio of views being converted to ads?

  • To see how the ad rates are affected by viewer engagement.
  • To see the approximate ratio of how many views resulted in an ad being served and how it is trending over time.
  • To see which type of ad brought in the most revenue.
  • To see the actual number of subscribers that watched the ad and commented on the video.

Which of the following is an element of advertiser-friendliness?

  • Whether the production quality meets broadcast standards
  • Evidence that the channel has been whitelisted
  • Verification that the channel’s audience is large enough to be profitable for advertisers
  • Content that does not have graphic or explicit content.

Why is having an audience match important?

  • Good audience match could improve the ad rates on the channel’s videos.
  • Good audience match could improve the target demographics.
  • Poor audience match could cause the channel to lose its existing watch time.
  • Poor audience match could slow channel growth and/or reduce audience retention.

What is the ideal audience retention pattern?

  • Large bumps and dips
  • Steep decline
  • A flat slope that hovers near 100%
  • Sudden spike in middle

What can you learn by analyzing videos that keep subscribers coming back?

  • What are the characteristics of the videos enjoyed by subscribers?
  • What are the traffic sources most used by non-subscribers?
  • How does the channel branding influence the perception of non-subscribers?
  • Will subscribers buy my product or service?

Why is it important for a channel to consider what category they are in?

  • The category determines the channel mission.
  • It is helpful to know all categories on YouTube.
  • Each category only has one right way to optimize a channel.
  • There are category specific best practices that can help optimize a channel.

If you saw an increase in revenue, but overall CPMs were lower, which of the following could be why?

  • Fewer types of ads were shown on the channel’s videos.
  • There were seasonal fluctuations in advertiser spending.
  • More mobile viewership occured.
  • Viewership grew and generated more revenue than the amount of revenue lost from the lower CPMs.

What is the role of video metadata on YouTube?

  • Metadata helps advertisers target videos by demographic.
  • Metadata is used to surface videos in YouTube search.
  • Metadata prevents identical videos from being uploaded to YouTube.
  • Metadata controls whether a video can be embedded on other sites.

Which of the following helps fuel the YouTube ads ecosystem?

  • Engaged viewers
  • Embedded third-party sponsorships
  • YouTube Red subscribers
  • Browser bookmarks

What is the flow of the assessment framework?

  • Implement next steps, ask questions, measure and analyze
  • Measure and analyze, ask questions, implement next steps
  • Ask questions, implement next steps, measure and analyze
  • Ask questions, measure and analyze, implement next steps

What is one strategy to evaluate how well thumbnails distinguish content?

  • Conduct A/B testing for one video with 5 different thumbnails
  • Examine every thumbnail and ensure no two thumbnails look similar
  • Review the Thumbnails report to see likes and dislikes
  • Do a side-by-side comparison of 10 thumbnails against a similar channel

What information can you include in the channel description to assist unsubscribed viewers?

  • Transcript of channel trailer
  • Video upload schedule
  • Photos of hosts or creators
  • Poll card so viewers can vote on videos

How is the media landscape changing?

  • Viewers are shifting from passive viewers to active viewers.
  • Teens and millennials are watching more live broadcast TV.
  • Viewers are on fewer devices when watching TV.
  • More adults prefer cable TV over online video platforms.

Why is it important to look at how many subscribers are gained for each video?

  • To determine which device your non-subscribers are watching your content from
  • To see where subscribers drop off in your video
  • To identify how views affect your subscriber count
  • To determine which video and what type of creative drives viewers to subscribe

You have English videos, but discover that viewership is high in Asian countries where other languages are spoken. What might you consider doing to better target this audience?

  • Change the publishing schedule so new videos release at 8am in Asia.
  • Hire a voice actor to dub over every video into all Asian languages.
  • Create playlists exclusively for Asian audiences.
  • Identify the top Asian countries, then consider adding translated captions and metadata for the top performing videos.

What is a direct way to earn revenue on YouTube?

  • Conducting Brand Lift surveys
  • Producing content that is eligible for monetization
  • Selling remarketing lists of video viewers
  • Claiming ownership of fan reaction videos

What is a good reason for analyzing a channel’s content strategy?

  • To deter viewers from skipping ads
  • To inform programming and format choices
  • To determine which video is most likely to become a standout hit
  • To flag content that is offensive or inappropriate

How would you find out if different video series have different audiences?

  • Use the Engagement report to find out which viewers watched through the videos.
  • Use multi-line view to break apart the audiences per video.
  • Use the compare function to see demographics for last year versus this year.
  • Group videos together and look at the Demographics report.

What channel visuals can you check for brand consistency?

  • Up next layout
  • Playlists
  • Banner and icon
  • Subscribe button

Which of the following ad formats typically has the highest CPMs?

  • Bumper Ads
  • Skippable Auction
  • Display ads
  • In-Video Overlay

Which method could you use with the Watch time report to analyze whether content formats are performing as expected?

  • Group videos by date uploaded, and dig into seasonal fluctuations in watch time performance.
  • Group videos randomly, and look for patterns that emerge across the formats.
  • Group videos by content format, and compare watch time performance from specific times of the day.
  • Group videos by each content format, and look at their watch time performance across a specific period.

Why is it important to know if a channel’s demographics have changed?

  • To set a new benchmark for audience engagement
  • To see the new ratio of 18-24 year old females to 25-34 year old males
  • To find out where the old audience went
  • To see how the new audience corresponds with the channel’s mission and content

What is the benefit of using a branding watermark?

  • Allows viewers to subscribe to the channel without leaving the video they are watching
  • Prevents anyone from using the content without permission
  • Informs viewers of the channel’s social media links
  • Enables an audio chime to be embedded in every video to identify the brand

Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how thumbnails drive discovery?

  • Any words in thumbnails are easy to read.
  • Thumbnails correctly set viewer expectations about content.
  • Thumbnails look visually compelling.
  • Thumbnails are low-resolution images so that they load quickly.

How can you easily find out how channel visuals look on mobile devices?

  • Hire a major graphic design agency.
  • Use the Mobile Simulation Tool.
  • Ask viewers to add comments if they detect any issues.
  • Download YouTube’s Channel Art Templates.

Which one of the following questions would need multiple measurements?

  • Do we have a channel trailer?
  • How many videos have cards enabled?
  • Which videos are watched the most by subscribers versus non-subscribers?
  • What is our largest traffic source?

Why is it important to identify the traffic sources of subscribers?

  • To identify how subcribers are engaging with your content
  • To distinguish how subscribers and non-subscribers interact with your calls-to-action
  • To determine which device your non-subscribers are discovering your content from
  • To focus your promotional efforts where subscribers are discovering your content

What is the suggested time to respond to viewer comments?

  • Never
  • When the video hits 1 million views
  • In the first hours
  • 1 week later

What is an example of YouTube Analytics data that can help you with your business goal?

  • Average view duration for subscribers
  • YouTube content ratings
  • Asset performance
  • Top Charts on Google Trends

When starting a new channel on YouTube, what’s a key area to assess first?

  • Audience sentiment
  • Subscription revenue
  • Social media promotion
  • Mission and branding

Which type of ad inventory is bought and sold based on a set, negotiated CPM.

  • Enabled
  • Reserve
  • Auction
  • Overage

Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a gradual decline?

  • All formats
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Inspirational

How might you determine if certain videos perform better within certain demographics?

  • Compare each video by traffic sources and playback locations using a multi-line graph.
  • Compare the revenue in one of your series to look at overall growth year-over-year.
  • Create groups of videos and look at the publishing schedule for one demographic.
  • Group these videos together and compare how these videos perform among your target demographic profile.

Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a sharp drop?

  • Entertaining
  • All formats
  • Educational
  • Inspirational

What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Help channel?

  • Little or no increase in watch time soon after publishing each video
  • A huge spike in watch time soon after publishing the video
  • A pattern consisting of spikes in watch time soon after publishing each video
  • A drop in watch time after publishing the video, followed by a spike 30 days later

What action could you take to optimize content based on seeing a gradual decline in your audience retention curve?

  • Eliminate or shorten elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Examine at what point people leave videos, and determine if there is an opportunity to tighten up the content.
  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.
  • Examine bumps and consider including similar elements in future videos.

What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hub channel?

  • Little or no increase in watch time soon after publishing each video
  • A drop in watch time after publishing the video, followed by a spike 30 days later
  • A huge spike in watch time soon after publishing the video
  • A pattern consisting of spikes in watch time soon after publishing each video

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