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YouTube Asset Monetization Assessment Certification Exam Question and Answers 2023

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YouTube Asset Monetization Assessment Certification Exam Details

  • Time limit: 75 minutes to complete the Exam
  • Pass Score: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: If you don’t pass the assessment, you can take it again after 24 Hours
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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YouTube Asset Monetization Exam PDF

you and another partner have a match policy of Monetize on separate non-music assets. If a user video is claimed by both of your assets, and no other assets, who receives the revenue?

  • The partner who reviews the claim first would receive the revenue.
  • YouTube holds the revenue until one partner releases its claim.
  • The revenue flows to the partner with the longer reference match.
  • You each receive 50% revenue.

What might alert you that someone may be attempting to monetize your assets?

  • If the number of channel page owned views on the Video Claims report is less than the total owned views, you may be losing revenue.
  • If the Asset report shows that revenue has decreased sharply for a specific asset.
  • If the Asset Conflict report shows that an asset is in conflict in one or more territories.
  • If the Claims report shows that a video claimed by one of your tracked assets was uploaded by a channel that isn’t your partner.

Which statement is true for multi-party ownership of an asset?

  • All asset owners must set the same policy worldwide.
  • YouTube applies no policy, unless the policy is Block.
  • YouTube only applies your policy in your ownership territories.
  • Asset owners decide which policy should be prioritized.

You’ve received a warning for over-claiming. What can you do to address this?

  • Look at a random sampling of last month’s claims and release invalid claims
  • Download the Claims report and investigate only the inactive claims
  • No action is necessary, since it’s only a warning
  • Sort assets by number of claims and review assets with the most claims

What is a primary business benefit of monitoring asset reports?

  • To prevent unauthorized parodies.
  • The prevent copyright infringement.
  • To identify potential loss of revenue.
  • To assert legal protections.

Why might a partner see data for assets they don’t own in any country?

  • This may happen when a usage policy is inadvertently set to “null.”
  • To confirm the veracity of a partner’s AdSense account details.
  • Some reports might display old data for previously-claimed assets.
  • Revenue for shared assets may be split evenly between parties.

You’ve signed an artist who does completely original hip hop songs. What is the method to block full reuploads and monetize short clips (under <2min)?

  • Monetize if user video match amount is equal to 2:00.
  • Monetize if user video match amount is smaller than 2:00, Block if user video match amount is greater than 2:00.
  • Block if user video match amount is equal to 100%.
  • Monetize if user video match amount is smaller than 100%.

You’ve added the “route for review”? rule to a custom policy. What happens with any associated claims?

  • They appear in your Potential Claims ToDo queue.
  • They are pending for 30 days, then automatically become active.
  • They are converted to a Block policy after 30 days if not reviewed.
  • They are routed to a Partner Manager for approval.

What is a benefit to monitoring asset performance from claims?

  • To compare your claimed assets against competitors’.
  • To identify third parties claiming ownership of your assets.
  • To compare the revenue potential of two different channels you manage.
  • To determine the reach and revenue potential of your assets.

Which of the following is a step you would NOT take to identify bad claims?

  • Use filters to identify patterns in bad claims
  • Sort assets by active claims to help prioritize
  • Create an asset campaign
  • Examine your disputed and appealed claims

Which statement is true for manual review of claims?

  • Your policy won’t be applied until the claim is made active
  • Manual reviews must specify a condition for viewer location
  • YouTube applies the most restrictive policy on potential claims
  • Your policy gets applied automatically after 30 days

Which of the following is most helpful to explain a sudden and steep decline in revenue?

  • Audience retention report.
  • Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • Demographics report.
  • Video report.

When are claims “routed for manual review”?

  • When assets have more than one owner
  • When specified by a custom policy provided by the partner
  • When users dispute or appeal a claim on an uploaded video
  • When matches are audiovisual

An asset is owned by Partner A in Canada and Partner B in Mexico. Partner A has a match policy of Monetize worldwide. Partner B also has a match policy of Monetize worldwide. When user videos are matched and claimed against this asset, which partner earns the revenue?

  • Revenue is paid to the original owner of the asset
  • Partner A earns for Canada, Partner B earns for Mexico
  • Not enough information to determine
  • Revenue is paid to the the partner who uploaded the reference file

Partner A set their ownership of a web asset in U.S. and Canada, and Partner B set their ownership of the same asset in U.S. and Mexico. Partner A has a match policy of Track worldwide. Partner B has a match policy of Block worldwide. What is the result?

  • Block in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Track in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Track in Canada, Block in U.S. and Mexico
  • Track in U.S. and Canada, Block in Mexico

What’s the best way to get an overview of revenue trends?

  • Add up the totals from your Revenue, Transaction, and Subscription reports.
  • Consult the Revenue report in Analytics.
  • Consult the Ad rates report in Analytics.
  • Add up the totals from your Ad Rates, Transaction, and Subscription reports.

What is a key benefit of regularly reviewing your claims?

  • Clean up mistaken claims that may impact creators or other content owners
  • Calculate total revenue from ads, transactions, and subscriptions
  • Remove inactive claims from the claims list
  • Compare ad rates from different sources

Partner A and Partner B share ownership of an asset (in different territories). If Partner A releases a claim on a video, what happens?

  • The claim is released for both Partner A and Partner B.
  • The claim is routed to Partner B to confirm the release.
  • Partner A’s ownership is removed from the asset.
  • Partner A’s policy is removed, but Partner B’s policy remains active.

Which of the following types of content should never be enabled for Content ID matching?

  • Original content
  • Acoustic music
  • Dubbed content
  • Public domain

Which policy is applied in a multi-claim scenario when partners have different match policies?

  • YouTube applies the most restrictive policy to the claimed video
  • YouTube applies the least restrictive policy to the claimed video
  • YouTube applies no policy to the claimed video
  • YouTube always applies the Track policy to the claimed video

In reviewing your disputed claims, you realize you uploaded a 10-minute reference file of your news program that contains a 1-minute clip from a third party. How can you fix this, if the claim results from the embedded clip?

  • Release claim, but don’t exclude the segment from your reference.
  • Deactivate the reference file to prevent future Content ID matches.
  • Release claim, and exclude the segment from your reference.
  • Reinstate claim.

Which is a primary metric used by many content owners use to determine revenue distribution to creators?

  • Number of user-uploaded videos.
  • Rate of new channel subscribers.
  • Audience demographics.
  • Revenue earned by assets.

Which statement best describes the Revenue report?

  • In YouTube Analytics, it contains information on how different ad types are performing over time relative to one another.
  • A downloadable report that contains information on how assets are performing over time relative to one another.
  • In YouTube Analytics, it contains information on the three major revenue streams for all content types.
  • A downloadable report that contains information on how different ad types are performing over time relative to one another.

What is a negative consequence of an asset ownership conflict?

  • You won’t have access to YouTube Analytics for this asset
  • The asset won’t be used for Content ID matching
  • Your partner manager will contact you to resolve it
  • Active monetization claims may be postponed

You hold the rights to a 15-minute celebrity interview. You’re fine if fans upload a clip, provided that their video also contains other content longer than your clip. What custom policy would achieve this goal?

  • Block if user video match amount >50%, Monetize if user video match amount <50%.
  • Block if user video match amount =50%.
  • Block if user video match amount >90%, Monetize if user video match amount <90%.
  • Block if user video match amount is >10%, Monetize if user video match amount <10%.

If a content owner in a multi-claim scenario chooses Takedown, what is the resulting action?

  • The uploader has 30 days to respond to the takedown request.
  • YouTube removes the video.
  • The video is blocked for that content owner’s territories of ownership.
  • The other content owners are notified of a pending takedown.

Partners that have repeated issues with Content ID abuse can face:

  • Partner termination
  • $150,000 fine
  • No consequences
  • Copyright strikes

A user uploads a mashup video with scenes from two different movies. You own one movie in the U.S. and your match policy is Monetize. The partner who owns the other movie in the U.S. also has a match policy of Monetize. What policy is applied in the U.S.?

  • Monetize
  • No policy
  • Track
  • Block

Which conditions under a custom match policy can be set in Minutes (mm:ss) and Percent (%)?

  • User video match amount only
  • Audio match amount
  • Reference match amount only
  • User video match amount and reference match amount

What information is included in an Ad Rates report?

  • How ad types are performing over time relative to one another.
  • Reportable, net revenue from ad sales at the channel and video level.
  • Playback-based RPMs at the channel and video level.
  • How ad revenue is performing relative to other revenue streams.

An asset is owned by Partner A in Canada and Partner B everywhere except Canada. Partner A has a match policy of Monetize worldwide. Partner B has a match policy of Block everywhere except Canada. If a user video is matched and claimed against this asset, what is the applied policy?

  • Monetize worldwide
  • Track in Canada, Block everywhere else
  • Monetize in Canada, Block everywhere else
  • Block worldwide

Partner A and Partner B share ownership of an asset (in different territories). If a user video is matched against this asset, who sees the claim?

  • Not enough information to determine
  • Only Partner A sees the claim.
  • Both Partner A and Partner B see the claim.
  • Only Partner B sees the claim.

Partner A set their ownership of an asset in Japan and Partner B set their ownership of the same asset in Korea. Partner A has a match policy of Monetize worldwide. Partner B has a match policy of Track worldwide. If a user video is matched and claimed against this asset, what is the applied policy?

  • No policy
  • Monetize in Japan, Track in Korea
  • Track in Japan and Korea
  • Monetize in Japan and Korea

Which of these would be a good use case for a custom policy?

  • Monetize viral videos for 30 days
  • Issue takedown for any videos uploaded from China
  • Monetize cover songs, but block parody songs
  • Monetize short fan-uploaded clips, but block longer clips

A user video is claimed by one asset with a policy of Monetize worldwide and claimed separately by another asset with a policy of Block worldwide. If both partners own their respective assets worldwide, what is the applied policy?

  • Monetize worldwide
  • No policy
  • Block worldwide
  • Track worldwide

A user video is claimed by two different assets. One asset has ownership in Canada and a match policy of Monetize worldwide. The other asset has ownership worldwide and a match policy of Monetize worldwide. What policy is applied?

  • Monetize worldwide
  • Track worldwide
  • Monetize in Canada, Track everywhere else
  • Track in Canada, Monetize everywhere else

Who might receive payments by content owners?

  • Content creators who are members of a network, or working with organization that manage their revenue.
  • Content creators who collaborate with other channels.
  • Only enterprise-level content creators.
  • Channel managers who participate in brand collaborations.

A video with an increase in views shows no corresponding rise in revenue; why might this happen?

  • The video could be claimed by multiple assets.
  • The video could be in conflict.
  • The video could be claimed by another owner.
  • The views might be coming from different devices or countries.

Which of the following is an example of Content ID misuse?

  • Including paid product placements in your video content
  • Claiming user reuploads of advertiser commercials that are embedded within your broadcast reference
  • Uploading reference files via spreadsheet templates
  • Ignoring pending claims in your ToDo queue for 1 week

Why would you want to check if there are additional claims in the “Other claims” tab for a particular video?”

  • To determine if any other assets affect the applied policy
  • To get contact information for the other asset owners
  • To see which claim originated first
  • To update your match policy based on the other claims

Which statement best describes the Ad Rates report?

  • A downloadable report that contains information on how assets are performing over time relative to one another.
  • In YouTube Analytics, it contains information on how different ad types are performing over time relative to one another.
  • In YouTube Analytics, it contains information on the three major revenue streams for all content types.
  • A downloadable report that contains information on how different ad types are performing over time relative to one another.

If an asset is owned by parties in different territories, how does revenue get paid out?

  • A third party manager will pay out each owner based on asset performance.
  • YouTube will apportion the correct percentage of revenue to each owner.
  • The owner with the largest percentage of the asset is responsible for manually splitting the revenue.
  • This won’t happen; assets can’t be owned by multiple parties.

It’s July 1 and the finance department needs revenue totals from June for accounting purposes. Where can they find the number they should use?

  • The earliest that figure will be available is July 10.
  • In the Revenue report in YouTube Analytics.
  • In the downloadable monthly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • In the downloadable monthly Ad Rates report.

What’s a good strategy to maximize asset revenue?

  • Be selective about which ad types you choose to enable.
  • Upload reference files and activate claims in a timely way.
  • Select a default usage policy of “block” on all assets.
  • Only monetize longer format videos.

Where can partners find final, reportable revenue information?

  • Monthly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • Weekly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • AdSense report.
  • Revenue report.

Why might revenue in the Asset report not match revenue in the Video report?

  • This might occur when assets and the videos they claim have different monetization policies enabled.
  • This happens when a video contains multiple assets. Revenue from all assets should add up to video’s revenue.
  • This only happens with music, if ownership is split between performance and composition assets.
  • This can happen when an asset has multiple owners in different territories: revenue can vary from country to country.

Which is a downloadable report?

  • Revenue.
  • Video.
  • Ad rates.
  • Demographics.

Which downloadable report can help separate ad revenue by asset for payouts?

  • Ad Rates.
  • Revenue.
  • Ads Partner Revenue Asset
  • Asset.

What can happen if a video is claimed by multiple assets?

  • The video’s revenue can exceed the revenue of the individual assets.
  • Neither asset owner will be paid until the conflict is resolved.
  • The asset’s revenue can exceed the revenue of the individual videos.
  • Consult the Claims report to investigate asset use by other channels.

What three revenue sources are available directly through the YouTube platform?

  • Ads, asset, and subscription.
  • Ads, transaction, and asset.
  • Ads, transaction, and subscription.
  • Asset, transaction, and subscription.

How could you prevent your YouTube video from being seen in Indonesia?

  • Set viewing restrictions in your asset metadata
  • Remove Indonesia from your asset ownership
  • Block views from any mobile devices
  • Add policy to Block if viewer location is Indonesia

A partner is looking for a way to keep track of user-uploaded videos that match content they own. When using downloadable reports, what field might be helpful when linking multiple reports to build connections?

  • Claim Origin
  • Content Type
  • Owner Policy
  • Asset ID

You’ve received a warning for Content ID abuse. In reviewing bad claims, you notice a lot of issues stem from a single channel whose content consists entirely of movie trailers licensed from studios. After deactivating the bad references and releasing invalid claims, what else might you do?

  • Remove the channel’s ability to create references
  • Require all claims be routed for manual review
  • Remove the channel from your content owner
  • Delete all of the channel’s videos

In a multi-claim scenario, one asset has no ownership specified for some territories. Which default match policy would YouTube apply to claims in those territories?

  • Block
  • Monetize
  • Track
  • Takedown

In a multi-claim scenario, if one asset owner has a Block policy, and another asset owner has a Monetize policy, how does YouTube prioritize the policies?

  • YouTube merges the policies (Block + Monetize = Track).
  • YouTube randomly assigns one of the owner’s policies.
  • YouTube applies the most restrictive policy (Block).
  • YouTube applies the least restrictive policy (Monetize).

If an asset owner doesn’t set a policy in a territory they have ownership, what policy gets applied?

  • Monetize
  • Track
  • No policy
  • Block

How could someone find their revenue by asset by country?

  • Check the revenue report.
  • Check the Ads Partner Revenue Asset report.
  • Check the Asset report.
  • Check the Demographics report.

What might happen if a partner disregards an asset ownership conflict?

  • The partner may have to remove the asset.
  • The partner may not be able to create new assets.
  • The partner may lose revenue from this asset until the conflict is resolved.
  • The partner may recieve a Community Guidelines strike.

What would be a good reason to reexamine a custom policy?

  • Claims from multiple territories
  • A large number of disputed claims
  • An invalid reference in your ToDo queue
  • A slight decline in claims after 6 months

If you and other partners own a single asset in different territories, how would Content ID handle claiming against a user-uploaded video?

  • There can only be one claim per asset for each user video.
  • This produces a claim conflict, which owners must resolve.
  • Content ID generates a unique claim for each asset owner.
  • An asset can have up to 5 claims against a single video.

What type of data is only added to reports after a month has ended?

  • Watch time.
  • Finalized revenue.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Estimated revenue.

What are the implications of not setting a match policy in a multi-claim scenario?

  • Your desired match policy may not be applied to claimed user videos.
  • You cannot issue a DMCA takedown on user videos.
  • Any claimed videos will be blocked automatically.
  • Other content owners will have their match policies suspended.

Which policy condition would be effective to earn revenue from short fan-uploaded clips?

  • Monetize if user video match amount is less than 4:00.
  • Block if user video match amount is greater than 0:15.
  • Monetize if user video match amount is between 3:30 and 3:45.
  • Monetize if user video match amount is greater than 8:00.

You have a large library of sound recordings, including some old speeches in the public domain. What is the best way to treat them with regard to Content ID?

  • Use a Custom ID to flag these sound recordings as public domain so you can keep an eye on them.
  • Identify the public domain speeches and don’t enable them for Content ID matching.
  • Set policies to route all claims for manual review so you can spot claims against public domain content.
  • Enable your entire catalog for Content ID matching and check your Claims report quarterly.

If an asset claiming a video is missing ownership in some territories, what is the default policy action?

  • Monetize
  • No policy
  • Block
  • Track

Which of these examples frequently contribute to invalid claims for sports partners?

  • Commercials
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Breaking news
  • Viral videos

What’s the difference between an ownership conflict and a claim?

  • A conflict occurs when another party says they own your asset; a claim occurs when they publish a video containing your asset.
  • A claim occurs when another party says they own your asset; a conflict occurs when they publish a video containing your asset.
  • A claim is when two content owners upload very similar reference files; a conflict happens if references aren’t connected to assets.
  • A conflict is when two content owners upload very similar reference files; a claim is how you associate references with assets.

Why might revenue numbers be different in the YouTube Analytics Ad Rates report than in the downloadable Ads Partner Revenue reports?

  • This never happens; the two will always be exactly the same.
  • The Ads Partner Revenue report reflects gross revenue.
  • The Ad Rates report includes end-of-month adjustments.
  • The Ads Partner Revenue reports reflect ownership splits and third-party revenue.

What tactic can prevent loss of potential ad revenue?

  • Refer to the Video report on a regular basis.
  • Select a usage policy of “block”.
  • Set your videos to “unlisted.”
  • Ensure that enabled ad types are visible on the devices your audience watches on.

Which YouTube resource contains final revenue for a month?

  • The Revenue report in YouTube Analytics.
  • AdSense DoubleClick account.
  • The downloadable monthly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • Campaign Performance report

How might someone find out which assets are “monetized in all countries”??

  • Go to the Demographics report, then sort by Asset.
  • Go to the Video report, then sort by Ads enabled.
  • Go to the Asset report, then sort by match policy.
  • Go to the Demographics report, then sort by match policy.

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