List of 21 Best Question and Answer Sites for Huge Traffic

List of 21 Best Question and Answer Sites for Huge Traffic

Are you stuck in getting traffic??

Then here is an easy and fast way to get massive traffic using question and answer sites. Yes, along with getting help you can drive good amount of consistent traffic to your site using some best question and answer websites on the internet.

Firstly, let me tell you what Q/A sites are and how do they work. Basically, these are one kind of community where people ask questions to get answers. You can ask questions as well as provide answers in order to help others.

Now, why question and answer sites are good source of traffic?

May be this question has already risen in your head and here is the answer. Most people ask direct questions to search engines for which Google has developed it Humming bird algorithm which has brought a revolutionary change in search pattern. For this single algorithm, question and answer sites have become more important than ever because those sites have the perfect solutions of questions that people are searching for. Besides, traffic from question and answer websites are highly targeted and thus there is a big chance to get high conversion rate from those visitors. I am not going to waste your time by writing unnecessary words. Therefore let’s jump on the list of some best question and answer sites on the internet for driving massive traffic to your site. However, keep in mind that at the end of this post you will get a crystal clear direction to burn your blog or website with constant and highly targeted traffic.

Best Question and Answer sites List:


Now here is the sauce over your burger which is a crystal clear direction to get boat loads of traffic from Question and Answer sites. Let’s reveal the Secret.

Just think, as most of the Question and Answer sites are of high authority, it’s comparatively easier to rank them rather than ranking your site (if it’s of low authority). What will happen if a question ranks on the search engine with your given answer along with your website’s or blog’s backlink. Yah! Here the game begins. You can get massive traffic by ranking particular page of any Question and Answer site that has your website or blog’s link. Just follow the below diagram. According to the diagram a particular page of Yahoo Answers is ranked and linked to the main site. However, you can choose to rank any page from other Question and Answer websites as well.

To make the process clearer to you the whole procedure is written as step by step bullet points below.

  • Look for a recent question (This Question can be in any of above Q/A sites) that is related to your site/page which you want to burn with traffic.
  • Make a detail and helpful answer along with your URL. You can put your URL in two ways. If your site already has the solution of that question then refer the page. On the other hand, if you site doesn’t have the solution put your URL as credit link just like below image.
  • Then look for similar question in other Q/A sites and give replies by referring your previous answer in another Q/A site.
  • You can also leverage your main Q/A page by providing social signals.

Over to You

I hope you learned the traffic generating process that I have mentioned in this post. Now it’s your turn to implement this method for your site(s) and get real result. I would love to know your feedback about traffic generation by Question and Answer sites.