KUCHING: With the dawn of digital marketing, Sulin Lau, Maxis Bhd’s (Maxis) head of marketing services believes that bigger companies no longer have the competitive edge as bigger budgets matter naught in the new digital ecosystem.

During the Gathering of Rising Entrepreneurs, Act Together (GREAT) event last weekend, the largest entrepreneur conference in Sarawak, Lau noted that with new ways of marketing, smaller companies are now on a level playing field.

“Last year was the first year that digital marketing became the number one for Maxis and it changes the kind of people we have and the thinking methods we need.

“Previously marketing was about creative people, pictures and words. Now marketing is more about data, insights, speed, mobile and a lot of math,” she noted.

“From this context, a small company has as much advantage in making sure that their ads are seen in social platforms like facebook as much as a big company. Plus, the more unique you are, the more people want to talk about your products and the less you for ads – that’s the general principle.”

Lau added that this shift in marketing poses an interesting shift even for large marketing teams like Maxis, adding that they have gone on a journey of digitising media across the organization ranging from admin processes, advertising aand marketing processes and sales processes – even the way the company interacts with their dealers.

“This new age of marketing it really doesn’t matter what kind of customer you have, if they are on mobile and have an internet connection, you can’t afford not to do digital marketing. Even if you sell custard ‘pau’ in a small street, if you have a social or mobile presence, you’ll save money while making more money,” she enthused.

Talking on the next evolution of marketing, Lau added that the key step for marketers now is making ‘ads that do not look like ads’.

“If you can put stuff out on the marketplace and make other people talk on your behalf, you can never block your ads out proving again that the best marketers do not need big budgets.

“An example of this is if you can make people press the share button on facebook or the retweet button on Twitter, then you’ve done a job as a marketer.

“This is why startups are some of the best marketeers because their budgets are so small, they have to think out of the box,” she explained.

Adding to the point, the key to an effective digital marketing campaign is also the speed of response.

She noted that no matter how many fans the company has on facebook, or how many people viewed the ad, if the company can’t respond fast enough, it is still ineffective.

“End of the day it is all about being human. Be nice, sometimes be funny and sometimes inspiring.”

Resource: http://www.theborneopost.com


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