Google Mobile Sites Certification Exam Question and Answers Updated

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Google Mobile Sites Certification Exam Question and Answers Updated

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About Google Mobile Sites Exam

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Google Mobile Sites Exam Details

  • Time limit: 75 minutes to complete the Exam
  • Pass Score: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: If you don’t pass the assessment, you can take it again after 24 Hours
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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Google Mobile Sites Certification Exam PDF

Which of the following is NOT a best practice for a financial company to keep users from dropping out of the funnel?

  • Letting users convert as a guest
  • Asking for registration to use the site
  • Using click-to-call buttons for complicated forms or complex tasks

A Progressive Web App:

  • slows experience and therefore decreases conversion rate
  • needs high bandwidth environments
  • works even with unreliable network through service worker
  • is the same as Accelerated Mobile Page

Which metric is affected by slow pagespeed?

  • Clickthrough rate
  • Impressions
  • Conversion rate
  • Viewthrough rate

Research shows that mobile users expect to:

  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them back to the homepage
  • see the logo below the fold on mobile sites
  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to a “Contact Us” page
  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to new products

Mobile sites:

  • are accessed through the desktop device’s web browser
  • require approvals to access
  • have specific functionality for mobile devices
  • need to be downloaded or installed to a device

Which most accurately describes the purpose of compression?

  • Combining files
  • Minimizing file size
  • Fitting more into the cache
  • Making the code faster

True or false: Mobile pages that load 1 second faster see up to a 27% increase in conversion rate.

  • true
  • false

Why did Facebook create “2G Tuesdays”?

  • To run a random experiment
  • To understand how people on 2G use their product
  • Facebook didn’t create “2G Tuesdays”
  • Most users are on 2G

What is a valid event for a Service Worker to emit when it’s registered?

  • Idle
  • Canceled
  • Stop
  • Install

Which of the following is NOT a best practice to optimize forms on mobile?

  • Using a real-time validation for errors in forms
  • Exposing options instead of using a drop-down menu
  • Showing labels inside form fields for convenience
  • Offering users a numerical keyboard for telephone number field

Currently, Google Optimize does NOT currently allow you to:

  • use your existing goals and metrics in Google Analytics as experiment objectives
  • serve experiments to specific groups of users that you’ve defined as Audiences in Google Analytics
  • do heatmap analysis to better understand to user behaviour on your site
  • test new website designs, layouts and content with a subset of your visitors

At a minimum, what Speed Index score should you be aiming for?

  • Within 10% of similar sites
  • Less than 5000
  • Greater than 5000
  • Greater than 95%

Why can an intermittently available mobile network result in a poor experience?

  • It is less secure than WiFi
  • Enabling WiFi reduces battery life
  • It uses more data
  • Some assets might not be loaded

To discover and prioritize landing pages for potential improvements to the user design, you should check the:

  • Exit Pages Report focusing on Page Views metric
  • Landing Pages Report focusing on Bounce Rate metric
  • All Pages Report focusing on Unique Page Views metric
  • All Pages Report focusing on Average Time on Page metric

True or false: Using a mix of desktop and mobile-optimized pages on mobile sites improves the user experience since some users are more familiar with the desktop version of the site.

  • true
  • false

How does AMP work?

  • Doesn’t let extension mechanisms block rendering
  • Keeps all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path
  • All of the answers are correct
  • Allows only asynchronous scripts

Which is NOT true about responsive sites?

  • Responsive sites are cost-effective
  • Responsive sites are easier to maintain
  • Responsive sites usually have faster load times versus separate ( sites²
  • Responsive sites have one codebase, deployment and URL

True or false: Constructing the Document Object Model (DOM) requires style information.

  • False
  • True

Before introducing mobile site design best practices to your clients, you should examine their:

  • existing mobile sites
  • staffing and budget
  • design process
  • page speed scores

A good notification:

  • is relevant
  • can be dismissed
  • delivers in the background
  • has a default action

According to a Google poll, what is the top frustration when users browse the web on their mobile device?

  • Watching a video
  • Waiting for slow pages to load
  • Being shown interstitials
  • Not knowing where to click

How can you make the job simpler for the browser?

  • Follow the style guide
  • Add more parents
  • Change the selector to a class
  • Create more complex CSS

To optimize for speed, you shouldn’t use too many webfonts and you should minimize the number of _.

  • dingbats
  • descenders
  • variants
  • ligatures

How do you prioritize optimization of a mobile site for browser versions or screen resolutions:

  • Look for the highest number of sessions and lowest conversion rates (or highest bounce rates)
  • Look for the oldest version of your site
  • Optimize all at the same time
  • Prioritize the site with the highest conversion rates

Which of the following is NOT true about the site search experience on mobile sites?

Smart-search features like auto-complete and corrected misspelling are especially important to have on small screens
Users rely on filters to narrow down search results
Comprehensive search results are better than concise results
Positioning site search at the top of a mobile page with an open-text search box is a best practice

In which of the following situations can a high bounce rate be interpreted as a good metric?

  • Campaign landing page brings the user to the product detail page
  • Campaign landing page brings the user to a page where the company promotes their phone number to receive calls
  • Campaign landing page brings the user to the first step of a 3-step lead generation form
  • Vector (SVG)

True or false: A/B testing allows you to test two or more elements on the site to understand their effects on each other

  • False
  • True

Keeping CSS independent of HTML allows us to treat_______and _______as separate concerns.

  • user experience; speed
  • images; articles
  • content; design
  • analytics; optimization

Which of the following describes the Payment Request API correctly?

  • It replaces your payment processor
  • It requires a phone with a fingerprint reader
  • It bypasses the checkout form
  • It is designed for external card readers

What’s the fastest and best-optimized resource?

  • An image
  • Web fonts
  • The one not sent
  • Javascript

What does “Variant A” in A/B Testing usually represent?

  • Test version of the web page that is modified from the original
  • Original version of the web page
  • Greater than 95%
  • Less than 5000

The first step to optimize the critical rendering path is to:

  • minimize number of critical resources: eliminate them, defer their download, mark them as async, and so on
  • optimize the order in which the remaining critical resources are loaded: download all critical assets as early as possible to shorten the critical path length
  • analyze and characterize your critical path: number of resources, bytes, length
  • optimize the number of critical bytes to reduce the download time (number of roundtrips)

True or false: You can experiment with Google Analytics features by using the Google Merchandise Store demo account.


Why are push notifications important for advertisers?

  • They give users the opportunity to re-engage with content they are interested in
  • The information they deliver can be acted on immediately
  • All of the answer options are correct
  • They deliver timely updates to users

Which of the following statements is true about the mobile experience of users?

  • It’s important to use call-to-action buttons to keep users in the same browser window
  • It’s important to show a prominent “full site” label on a mobile site
  • Users are willing to accept longer load times for high-resolution images
  • It’s important to show as much information as possible on the visible part of a mobile site

Which of the following reports in Google Analytics helps you to identify leakages from the conversion funnel?

  • Top Landing Pages Report
  • Device Usage Report
  • Checkout Behavior Analysis Report
  • Product Performance Report

Why do CSS @imports harm performance?

  • They create a less efficient CSSOM
  • They require additional CPU time to parse
  • They can introduce unwanted dependencies
  • @import loads files less efficiently than <link>

Which is an example of an unnecessary resource negatively impacting the user experience?

  • One web font
  • Optimized images
  • Lazy loading
  • A photo carousel on the homepage that allows the visitor to preview multiple photos with a quick click

Which of these features is part of a Progressive Web App?

  • Location API
  • UX API
  • Add to home screen
  • Call API

Which of the following describes an App shell?

  • It discourages caching of content that overlaps across pages of the website
  • It is comprised of all page elements which are dependant of the specific page contents
  • None of the answer options are correct
  • It provides a fast first impression gracefully transitioning to a fully loaded page

True or false: To instruct the browser to use the default device width, you would use .

  • False
  • True

When referring to the critical rendering path in site performance, a critical resource is:

  • a resource that could block initial display of the page
  • a resource that takes more than 500ms to load
  • any resource that must be loaded
  • any resource that returns a 404

Which describes how a Service Worker operates?

  • It can be used only when the user is browsing the website
  • None of the answer options are correct
  • It doesn’t handle network requests coming from the navigation on the website
  • It runs a programmable network proxy

Which format is preferred for multi-device and high-resolution icons?

  • Data URLs
  • Vector (SVG)
  • PNG
  • JPEG

In the layout step, the browser:

  • forces the DOM to be rebuilt
  • first resizes elements before computing their position
  • displays the on-screen elements in their new positions
  • “computes the size and position of render tree elements “

Which components often account for most of the downloaded bytes on a web page?

  • Fonts
  • JavaScript
  • Articles
  • Images

AMP _ the page _ waiting for resources to download.

  • displays; after
  • caches; before
  • indexes; while
  • lays out; without

Which is a benefit of a mobile site over an app for businesses?

  • Shorter development timelines
  • You have to build a separate site for tablets and phones
  • Mobile sites require approvals before one can gain access
  • Mobile sites only work on Android

True or false: Images should never change when rotating a device screen or between different device sizes.

  • True
  • False

Which is NOT part of AMP:

  • Inline CSS
  • Custom Fonts
  • Analytics

True or false: JavaScript can block DOM construction unless explicitly declared as

  • false
  • true

Which is true about calls-to-action usage on mobile homepages?

  • A call-to-action should be prominent on the visible area of the mobile homepage
  • The same call-to-action should be used both on mobile and desktop sites
  • A call-to-action should be on the second page
  • A call-to-action should be used in menus only

Which allows for efficient font reuse between pages?

  • WOFF2 fonts
  • The font matching algorithm
  • Revalidation token
  • The local() directive

Some users aren’t comfortable converting on their mobile device. What could be an action you can take to improve their experience?

  • Asking the user to register to save their details
  • Showing the desktop version of the site on mobile devices
  • Offering secondary call-to-action buttons, like social sharing
  • Making your primary call-to-action buttons more prominent

If you’re in an animation like scrolling, you should ideally be looking to keep your JavaScript to something in the region of:

  • 5ms – 6ms
  • 9ms – 10ms
  • 3ms – 4ms
  • 7ms – 8ms

The App shell helps with:

  • Improving elements of the UX
  • Making transitions between pages faster
  • Creating a fully optimized site
  • Making the full page load faster

What is a tool that you can use to emulate and simulate a site that’s experiencing poor or unreliable connectivity?


Before the browser can render the page, it needs to construct the:

  • DOM and CSSOM trees
  • UX trees
  • Pixel pipeline
  • HTML and JavaScript

The render tree contains:

  • the DOM
  • content of the page
  • the styles of the page
  • visible content

At a minimum, what page weight should you be aiming for?

  • 2.1MB
  • 2MB
  • More than 3MB
  • Less than 1MB

When using Chrome devtools, what should you limit the connectivity to?

  • Regular 2G
  • Regular 4G
  • Regular 3G
  • No Throttling

Image information such as location and camera description can often be deleted to reduce image sizes. This type of information is called:

  • GZIP
  • metadata
  • raster
  • vector

Which can be sacrificed to reduce the file size of an image?

  • Color range
  • Compression
  • Quality
  • Rendering speed

For each font on your website you should:

  • Make sure to add as many as possible
  • Minimize the HTML
  • Add CSS
  • Minimize the number of used variants

Which changes to “geometric properties” affect the layout?

  • All of the answers are correct
  • Top
  • Heights
  • Widths

To deliver the fastest possible time to first render, you should minimize the number of:

  • critical resources
  • critical HTML classes
  • critical JavaScript functions
  • CSS classes

True or false: To instruct the browser to use the default device width, you would use .

  • False
  • True

How many times per second do most devices refresh their screens?

  • 60
  • 35
  • 100
  • 20

Resources with responses that are __ for all users are great candidates to be cached by a CDN.

  • variants
  • sized
  • identical
  • different

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