Google Digital Sales And Marketing Certification Courses Question and Answers Updated

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Google Digital Sales Certification Exam Question and Answers Updated

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Google Digital Sales Certification Exam PDF

Your ad can show on the Google Search Network when someone searches for terms that are similar to your:

  • Website
  • Placements
  • Keywords
  • Ad text

A standard Google Ads text ad is made up of:

  • headline text, an image, and description text
  • headline text and description text
  • headline text, a display URL, and description text
  • a display URL and description text

Asking a client questions about his desired business objectives is:

  • a good idea, because it can lead you to other information that may be valuable in providing additional solutions.
  • only important when you are not getting very clear responses about the client’s marketing objectives.
  • a bad idea, because the scope is too broad for a marketing meeting.
  • a good idea, because it makes you sound like you understand the client.

Google Analytics can help you learn more about the behavior of your client’s customers because it shows you how:

  • they perceive her products
  • they interact with her website
  • likely they are to become a regular customer
  • likely they are to click her ads

You recently read a great article about the importance of a quality mattress in preventing back problems and it reminds you of your client who owns several mattress stores. After reading the article, you:

  • do nothing. It was a good article, but your client has been in the industry for 15 years so it would not be anything new for him.
  • call your client and tell him about the article, what you thought would be beneficial to him, and engage in additional conversation to see how you might be able to further help him grow his business.
  • send your client an email and explain that you, “just wanted to say ‘hi’.”
  • send the article to your client’s competitor with some insider notes on what you did for the client. This might be a good opportunity to get his business.

Negative keywords can help advertisers refine the targeting of their ads by:

  • increasing the number of relevant Display Network placements
  • reducing their campaign’s daily budget recommendations
  • reducing the number of irrelevant clicks
  • raising the average position of their ads

You are about to conclude your meeting with a new client who would like to start an online marketing campaign. Before concluding the meeting, what best practice should you use?

  • Review the key objectives the client wants to accomplish with her campaign and the strategy discussed
  • There is nothing that needs to be done before ending the meeting with the client
  • Review the reasons why the client should buy Google Ads?, and be sure to emphasize cost so they understand the investment in future success
  • Review spreadsheets and tools with your client, so she knows you are knowledgeable about growth metrics

When covering the agenda at the beginning of a meeting, stating the purpose should be:

  • as fast as possible, so the client does not realize he is going to be sold.
  • quickly covered, so the client knows you are still in control.
  • client-oriented to let the client know what he will gain from meeting with you.
  • avoided, unless the client asks you why he is meeting with you.

Which is a benefit of advertising online?

  • Reach people who are likely interested in what you’re advertising
  • Make money by showing ads on your website
  • Increase your position in organic search results
  • Automatically collect information about potential customers

You can use Display Planner to:

  • see ways to reach your target audience based on your keywords, website, or interest categories
  • see how other advertisers perform on websites where you want your ad to appear
  • see which image and text ads are performing best on the specific websites you’re targeting
  • compare how your current Display Network campaign could perform on websites you’d like to target

Starting a client meeting with an agenda:

  • makes the client feel he is important, even if he is not a key decision-maker.
  • is too structured and will probably scare the client.
  • can help lower the client’s resistance, because he will know what to expect.
  • is only necessary if you do not have experience in selling Google products.

Why is it important to understand the expectations a client has of you?

  • It is important so you can persuade the client into spending more money
  • To give you the opportunity to tell the client if she is unreasonable in her requests, so you can help her achieve her goals
  • It is only important if you think the client may have false assumptions on how the campaign will work
  • It will help you better understand how your client wants to be served so you can provide a great experience

Which is a benefit of doing pre-call planning before pitching online advertising solutions to a client?

  • Preparation is not critical if you have enough experience
  • Preparation is only important if you have multiple people meeting with the client and want to avoid confusion on each person’s role in the meeting
  • To guarantee that the client will make a decision by the end of the meeting
  • To prepare for potential objections the client may have

If you’d like your ads to show on certain sites across the Internet, you can add these websites as:

  • Audiences
  • Topics
  • Placements
  • Keywords

You would advise a client that’s launching a new product line to advertise on the Google Display Network because she can:

  • reach people who are searching for her products
  • use text ads that encourage people to visit her website
  • reach people who are interested in similar products
  • use text ads that encourage people to call her business

Your client mentions he has some concerns about implementing a Google Search campaign. Which is a good example of clarifying the client’s concerns?

  • “I can see how that would be your concern, but you do not have to worry about that.”
  • “This sounds more like a concern your supervisor mentioned. Is that correct?”
  • “It sounds like you are getting incorrect information. What is the role of the person who told you that?”
  • “Can you please tell me more about what you have heard that concerns you?”

Which client would you advise to advertise on the Google Search Network?

  • Jim, who wants to reach people on social networks interested in poetry
  • Suzy, who wants to reach people browsing travel websites about China
  • Bill, who wants to reach people looking for plumbing services
  • Carol, who wants to reach people watching YouTube videos

During a sales meeting, you use the Google Trends tool to show insights and link back to what the client said about hiring someone to create online campaigns for her toy store website. What is the purpose of doing this?

  • There is no purpose to linking back to what the client said
  • It shows the client that the solution is customized to her situation
  • It gives you an advantage in negotiating with the client
  • To let the client know you are the expert

Your client wants to show ads to people who’ve visited her website before. Which Google Ads feature would you recommend she use?

  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking

Asking the client, “Is there anything else you want to be sure we discuss during our meeting?” is:

  • a bad idea, because the client may feel you do not know what you are doing.
  • a good idea, but only if you know the client will not bring up any concerns.
  • a bad idea, because it gives the client unnecessary control of the meeting.
  • a good idea, because you get the client’s input which makes the client feel like he is being listened to.

In order to appeal to customers on mobile devices, it’s important to:

  • Send users to a mobile–friendly landing page
  • Send users to a video–based landing page
  • Avoid using ad extensions
  • Include your phone number as your display URL

A good guideline for asking your client questions to understand her marketing needs and how you might be able to help her is:

  • ask questions only if you did not gather enough information from your pre-call planning.
  • ask “yes” or “no” questions to show credibility and avoid confusing the client.
  • ask questions about the client’s current situation, desired situation and expectations.
  • uncover the client’s pain points so you can use them against her later.

Your client wants to improve his ad positioning. You recommend that one way he can do this is by increasing his bid amount. Why is it a good idea to also explain to your client how this will benefit him?

  • It is not a good idea, because the client probably already knows how it will benefit him and you do not want to sound overbearing
  • It is only a good idea if the client shows a high level of interest and tells you he wants to spend more money
  • It is not a good idea to recommend this at all, because it might offend the client
  • It is a good idea to help the client understand how increasing his bid amount and ad quality will help reach his goal of reaching more customers

All other things being equal, if you’ve set a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of $1.00 for your ads, and if the next most competitive bid is $0.50 for the same ad position, what is the actual amount you’d pay for that click?

  • $0.51
  • $1
  • $0.50
  • $1.01

Conversion Tracking helps you improve the return on investment (ROI) from your online advertising because it:

  • focuses on getting customers to complete an online purchase
  • automatically gives you personal details about the people who convert
  • shows you which ads lead to customer actions that have value for your business
  • measures trends relating to the search terms people have used before seeing your ad

You want to generate leads with your Google Ads campaign by encouraging people to fill out an interest form on your website. What do you need to know to measure return on investment (ROI) for this campaign?

  • The number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of times it showed
  • How much you’ve spent on the campaign compared to the value of leads generated
  • You can’t calculate return on investment for campaigns that are focused on online leads
  • The percentage of budget spent compared to how many forms were completed

A question that includes factual information based on market research, such as, “Four in five consumers want search ads to be customized to their city or immediate surroundings. How are you approaching your local online opportunity?” is a good example of:

  • a question that the client may not be able to answer, because it is confusing.
  • how to misinterpret data to persuade the client to buy Google Ads?.
  • demonstrating credibility, while also seeking to understand how the client is currently approaching marketing.
  • a question that will upset the client because the client may feel as though you are questioning their current marketing strategy.

Which ad extension would you use for an advertiser who has a chain of restaurants?

  • Sitelink extensions
  • Promotion extensions
  • Seller ratings
  • Location extensions

Which of these metrics is especially important to clients who are running a branding campaign?

  • Phone call conversions
  • Average cost–per–click (avg. CPC)
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Impressions

Which is a good example of a question to better understand the client’s primary motivating factor for using Google Ads?

  • “How will this impact your business long-term?”
  • “When do you want to get started?”
  • “What is your budget?”
  • “Who else needs to be involved in this decision?”

Which client would you advise to use radius targeting?

  • Christopher, who wants to promote his new product in select cities
  • Denise, whose service can reach customers within 30 miles
  • Luis, whose e–commerce business delivers nationwide
  • Mabel, who wants to exclude her ads from certain cities

You can use Keyword Planner to identify:

  • webpages where your ad can appear based on your keywords
  • which text ads are performing best based on your keywords
  • the amount of traffic potential keywords might get
  • the number of negative keywords you should add

If you want to direct people to specific pages on your website from your ad, you can create an ad that uses:

  • location extensions
  • promotion extensions
  • callout extensions
  • sitelink extensions

Which of the following items is not a component of Quality Score?

  • Ad relevance
  • Expected clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Maximum cost–per–click (max. CPC) bid
  • Landing page experience

Which statistic indicates how often a click has led to a conversion?

  • Conversion rate
  • Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Cost–per–conversion

Your client wants to increase the number of people visiting his website. When analyzing the data for his Search campaign, which metric do you most want to improve?

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

Before asking your client questions about her business, it is best to tell her the reasons for the questions and the benefit because:

  • it will help you appear more confident to the client and she will be more likely to give you truthful responses.
  • it shows the client you value her insight and partnership so you can provide a tailored solution.
  • it gives the client the opportunity to decide if she needs to gather more information before answering your questions.
  • you do not want the client to feel as though you are wasting her time

You can use audience targeting to show your ads to:

  • specific groups of people, based on their location
  • specific websites, based on specific interests
  • groups of websites, based on specific interests
  • specific groups of people, based on their interests

When introducing yourself to a new client, it is important to share:

  • your name and the product you think will benefit the client the most.
  • your name and a brief 15 minute overview of Google Ads.
  • your name, your role, and relevant experience in helping companies similar to the client.
  • your name.

You would choose to advertise on the Google Search Network if you wanted to:

  • choose from a range of ad formats, like video and image ads
  • reach customers browsing websites related to your business
  • choose the types of websites where you want your ads to show
  • reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services

“I can see how that would be frustrating” and “That is a valid concern. Many of my clients have expressed that same concern before starting their campaign” are both examples of speaking with a concerned client. These types of responses are:

  • only beneficial when speaking with a client that is more emotional versus logical.
  • beneficial because clients buy from sales representatives they like.
  • not beneficial, because clients do not need reassurance.
  • helpful because they let the client know her concern is valid and can help lower her resistance.

Advertising on TV, print, and radio typically requires a predetermined budget. What key differences enable some online advertising campaigns to invest with more flexibility without a predetermined budget in mind?

  • Online campaigns generate clicks, whereas other channels generate exposure.
  • Google Ads budgets can only be set once annually and require a fixed commitment.
  • Budgets cannot be applied to online campaigns due to constant changes in traffic.
  • Online campaigns are highly measurable and can often automate a positive ROI. It can be strategic to capture all traffic without a predetermined budget as long as ROI is positive

You are nearing the end of a successful meeting with a client, when she tells you, “this all sounds really great, but I do not have the budget for Google Search right now.” What should you do next?

  • Empathize and ask the client to tell you more about her concern
  • Explain the return on investment the client can expect and explain why she should make room in her budget
  • Ask the client if her long-term success is worth making room in her budget
  • Find out if the client has someone she reports to who may be able to approve the investment in display

Anne-Marie’s business goal is to generate online sales of her handmade purses. Her Google Ads costs are $100 per week and she wants to know if her advertising investment is paying off. What additional information do you need in order to calculate her return on investment (ROI)?

  • Number of clicks on her ads and revenue they generated
  • How many times her ads have been viewed and clicked on
  • Costs to produce her purses and revenue generated from her ads
  • Number of clicks on her ads and costs to produce her purses

What is the main purpose of summarizing the conversation with the client at the end of a meeting?

  • It gives the client an opportunity to change his mind on buying from you, so it should only be done if absolutely necessary
  • It makes the client feel he is being listened to and the solution provided is customized for him
  • It makes the client feel he is important and guarantees he will buy what you are selling
  • It buys you a extra time to decide how to close the sale

Nadia manages a local gym and is running an ad to drive more free trial memberships. What could she include in her ad text?

  • A call-to-action like “Sign up for a free trial”
  • A prominent headline like “TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE”
  • A call-to-action like “Visit our gym now”
  • A promotion like “20% off fitness classes”

You would choose to advertise on the Google Display Network if you wanted to:

  • show ads on websites related to your business
  • show ads on Google Shopping
  • show ads on Google Maps
  • show ads to people on non-Google search sites

Which is a benefit of advertising online with Google Ads??

  • Advertisers can choose how much they spend and only pay when someone clicks their ad
  • Advertisers can have ads automatically translated into different languages
  • Advertisers can pay to always show their ad above the organic search results
  • Advertisers pay the same amount every time someone clicks their ad

Before the start of a meeting, thinking about the meeting’s desired outcome will:

  • be helpful, because it will allow you to focus on how to maximize success.
  • be helpful, only if it will not increase the length of your meeting beyond what is necessary.
  • be a waste of time, and you are already very busy.
  • not be helpful and will cause you to overthink the meeting.

A positioning statement is a quick 90 second explanation of what type of clients you work with, what challenges they face, and how they can benefit from working with you. When is it appropriate to use a positioning statement?

  • When you want the client to see you as a credible resource with solutions that can help him reach his business objectives
  • When the client does not seem interested in Google Ads?
  • When the client has a very large budget and needs especially good treatment to ensure he buys Google Ads?
  • When the client is not very clear in his responses to your questions and needs more help understanding your role

Before you meet with your new client, your online research showed that she played golf for a local college you also attended. Bringing this up in when you meet would:

  • demonstrate your interest in the client as a person and help build rapport.
  • increase the length of your meeting beyond what is really necessary.
  • demonstrate your online research abilities so the client sees you as an expert in anything related to growing business online.
  • be unnecessary, because it will not help you make the sale.

You have a meeting with a new client. Why would it be a good idea to share anonymized data (such as conversion rate and cost-per-conversion) from some successful clients in the same industry as this client?

  • To stimulate dialogue with the client so he becomes more excited about your ideas and the potential growth his business could see
  • To make the meeting last longer, so the client feels even more invested in the solution
  • To sound smarter and show the client that you are more knowledgeable than he originally thought you were
  • To be so convincing that the client has no choice but to buy, because you know he enjoys looking at data

Your client wants to improve her ad position. What would you recommend?

  • Improve the ad quality and increase bid amount
  • Improve Quality Score and decrease bid amount
  • Make the ad headline longer and more descriptive
  • Add more keywords and increase daily budget

An advertiser wants to achieve the top position in paid search results. Which recommendations would improve the likelihood of top ad position?

  • Improve Quality Score and increase cost-per-click (CPC) bid
  • Improve Quality Score and decrease cost-per-click (CPC) bid
  • Decrease cost-per-click (CPC) bid and decrease daily budget
  • Decrease cost-per-click (CPC) bid and increase daily budget

Your client is interested in switching from TV, print, and radio advertising. What are the return on investment (ROI) benefits of online advertising campaigns?

  • Traditional media is not always measurable, but online campaigns are highly measurable and you can analyze your click data
  • Online advertising is always less expensive than traditional media
  • Traditional media typically requires a predetermined quarterly budget, but online advertising usually lets you set your budget once a month at a fixed amount
  • Traditional media generates exposure, but online advertising campaigns can guarantee sales

A client that owns a fine-dining restaurant in London wants to get more phone calls from people researching places to eat on their mobile phones. How should you optimize this client’s campaign to help achieve their goal?

  • Include a phone number in the client’s ad’s headline and monitor performance with the top vs. other segment
  • Add call extensions to the client’s ads and monitor performance with the mobile clicks-to-call segment
  • Include a phone number in the client’s ad’s headline and monitor performance with the mobile clicks-to-call segment
  • Add call extensions to the client’s ads and monitor performance with the top vs. other segment

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