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Google Ads Mobile Certification Exam PDF

Assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country, what do you need before you can set up conversion tracking for calls from an ad or a website?

  • A sales team and operating phone bank
  • An app published in the Google Play store
  • A mobile-specific sitelink extension
  • An active call extension or call–only ad

Many successful mobile sites have large “touch targets” for clicking that take into account ______.

  • the lack of precision on a touch screen
  • responsive design based on touch
  • location where mobile device is being used
  • time of day

Which extensions can help drive installs of your mobile app?

  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs )
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • App extensions

To show an ad, which is eligible to appear on search partner sites, on the mobile version of Google Maps, you should use:

  • location extensions
  • store visit extensions
  • mobile extensions
  • product extensions

Why do advertisers care about driving calls to their business?

  • They’re faster.
  • Mobile call ads are easier to win in auctions.
  • Younger demographics prefer to order by phone call.
  • Conversion rates are often much higher from calls.

What is a lightbox ad?

  • A cross–screen expandable ad format that optimizes for taps or swipes on mobile and mouse-overs or clicks on desktops
  • A remarketing specific ad format to announce new features of your app
  • A type of ad format that shows extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business
  • A mobile text ad

App remarketing allows you to target people who:

  • have used your app before
  • have searched for your app
  • all of the listed answers are incorrect
  • have searched for apps similar to yours

Your universal app campaign ad can appear as an in-stream video ad on YouTube provided which is true?

  • An additional YouTube charge is paid.
  • Video assets are provided.
  • The app makes use of streaming video
  • Only landscape videos are used.

To re–engage users with an app, use the following strategies:

  • Build remarketing lists, engage in reactive outreach, offer something free, and don’t track anything outside of installs
  • Build remarketing lists, engage in proactive outreach, offer something unique, use deep linking, and track everything beyond installs to understand your most valuable users
  • Build remarketing lists, engage in reactive outreach, use deep linking, and track outside of installs for your most valuable users
  • Build general email lists, engage in reactive outreach, don’t use deep linking, and don’t track outside of installs

Say you’ve got a campaign that performs well on mobile devices with a max CPC bid of US$2. To show your ad to more customers on mobile devices, you increase your bid by 15% for searches on mobile devices. What would be the resulting bid for searches on mobile devices bid amount?

  • $2.00
  • $2.30
  • $1.70
  • $2.50

Showrooming refers to:

  • The phenomenon where various brands within similar categories compete for brand placement on a mobile device
  • The phenomenon which turns brick and mortar stores into showroom apps for mobile users
  • The phenomenon which turns brick and mortar stores into showrooms for products which are then purchased online or via mobile
  • The phenomenon where brands sell specialty or limited quantity goods through mobile

Which is a good app design practice?

  • Get users to enter valuable user profile information immediately when they first open the app.
  • Zoom viewers in automatically for app content you know is most important.
  • Don’t interrupt users when they make mistakes completing forms, wait until they submit and provide a single report with all errors.
  • Make previous searches and recent purchases readily available.

The path to conversion on mobile is not the same as on desktop or tablet due to all of the following except:

  • intent
  • context
  • differing screen size
  • functionality

All of these were recommended to help build a faster site except?

  • Site works on a range of screens and devices
  • Implementation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) best practices
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Customer surveys about site performance

These are all key to good mobile site design except?

  • Easy search
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy user customization
  • Easy conversion

Which of the following is a way for an advertiser to monetize their app?

  • In–app ads
  • Charging for app downloads from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store
  • All of the listed answers are correct
  • In–app purchases

To understand the full value of mobile, you must take into account:

  • Utilization of mobile ad formats, extensions, app and mobile site design best practices
  • Mobile conversions
  • Cross device and mobile conversions
  • App downloads, calls, store visits, cross device conversion, mobile conversions

An app developer might use remarketing if they wanted to promote a paid version of their game to everyone who played the free version and reached level 10.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is true about apps?

  • Apps are more geared towards retention, loyalty, and engagement
  • Apps and mobile optimized sites are the same thing
  • Apps are more geared towards acquisition purposes
  • Once a user downloads an app, they are likely to return and engage with it

How can you re-engage users who have abandoned your app after their first use?

  • By offering store credit for users who click your ads
  • Remarket to app users with a compelling message across search, display, and video
  • By engaging users who visit your desktop website
  • Offer deeper discounts to entice visitors.

The codeless conversion tracking solution is usually recommended for app downloads on Android OS over SDK or server to server solution when speed and ease of implementation is a priority.

  • True
  • False

You can use a mobile specific display URL to:

  • Effectively track conversions to your desktop site
  • Show consumers that you are a large brand
  • Indicate that you have a mobile–friendly landing page
  • Differentiate yourself from other advertisers

Mobile presents an opportunity for a more targeted marketing message because you have an understanding of context such as time, location, and proximity of the customer.

  • False
  • True

Firebase can reduce complication for advertisers by providing them only one SDK to track all traffic sources, including ad networks.

  • False
  • True

When conversion data shows that mobile drives more value, you would _____ your mobile bid. When conversion data shows that desktop drives more value, you would ______ your mobile bid.

  • lower, lower
  • lower, raise
  • raise, raise
  • raise, lower

A driver stops for gas and their smartphone buzzes with a text offering a free coffee inside the gas station. What does mobile provide advertisers that enables them to offer this to customers?

  • Wi-Fi
  • Cell signals
  • Customer profiles
  • Context

Which of the following is true about mobile optimized websites?

  • Visitors to your mobile–optimized site will be at the same point in the purchase funnel as visitors to your desktop website
  • You should build your app before your mobile website
  • Mobile websites should only focus on task–based functionality and be a stripped–downversion of your desktop website
  • Mobile–friendly experiences typically feature easy navigation, quick–to–loadimages, and streamlined text

Marissa is the marketing lead for a popular free-to-play mobile game. Her goal is to increase revenue that her company earns from in-game purchases. What should Marissa optimize for in her universal app campaign?

  • Target cost per install (tCPI)
  • Get new users for her app.
  • Get new users who most likely complete in-app actions.
  • Google Play Store optimization

An advertiser would not use Google Ads’ mobile offering to:

  • track conversions once a user downloads their app
  • build a mobile–optimized website
  • advertise their app
  • engage with users who have already downloaded their app

AdMob is ____.

  • a custom deep link
  • Google Ads’ non–owned and operated mobile app inventory
  • an app promotion ad format
  • an ad extension

Call-only ads are like ad call extensions in that they let you start a call with a touch. How are they different from ad call extensions?

  • Call-only ads cost more, but reach farther.
  • Call-only ads don’t include a link to a mobile site.
  • Call-only ads don’t appear on mobile devices.
  • Call-only ads run for shorter durations than ad call extensions.

Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses in eligible countries, can be used to track calls from users who visited a website from any source.

  • True
  • False

Deep–linking allows:

  • ads to direct customers into deeper, more targeted sections of the app
  • mobile and desktop users to navigate within a mobile app
  • desktop users to be able to access deeper, more targeted sections within a mobile app
  • ads to direct new customers only into deeper, more targeted sections of the app

To track conversions in an app, you can add the Firebase SDK to your app. SDK stands for:

  • schema development key
  • software deprecation kit
  • software development kit
  • schema development kit

Where can universal app campaigns run?

  • Within other apps, also known as in–app
  • On the Search and Display Networks, and YouTube
  • Only on AdMob
  • Only on the Google Play store

Sitelink extensions:

  • allow advertisers to give users the option to land directly on specific pages of your site
  • allow targeted remarketing list users to land directly on specific pages of your site
  • decrease clickthrough rates (CTR) as users are sent to specific pages of your site
  • show your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text

A ______ specifies a location in an app that corresponds to the content you’d like to show.

  • remarketing link
  • deep link
  • location extension
  • location link

Why should you build a mobile site or app instead of just resizing your desktop site for a smaller screen?

  • Mobile users don’t need all the features a website can offer.
  • Mobile browsers aren’t powerful enough to load most desktop sites.
  • Desktop sites typically don’t load quickly on mobile devices.
  • It’s a cheap way to provide a narrower set of options to mobile customers.

What is a reason many advertisers end up undervaluing mobile’s contribution to conversions?

  • Many in traditional retail are not mobile users.
  • They don’t use Google Ads.
  • No one has figured a way to “see” mobile’s contribution yet.
  • They use a last-click attribution model to measure performance, which ignores clicks earlier in the conversion path that may come from other devices.

What does a call extension let users do that call-only ads do not?

  • Easily save the number to their phone’s contact list.
  • Choose from two different numbers to call.
  • Click through to your mobile site instead of calling.
  • Easily schedule a call-back from the advertiser when the line is busy.

Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), which factors in auction-time signals including device, location, time of day, remarketing list, language, and operating system, automatically optimizes bids across:

  • search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-click(CPC) goal
  • search inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal
  • search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal
  • search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-impressiongoal

To more fully capture mobile’s contribution to a sale, advertisers need to consider what?

  • More than just the last click
  • Just the last click
  • Customer intent
  • The first and last click

What is a simple way to target ads to mobile users when they’re near your physical store locations?

  • Target users you know have called your Google Ads call-only ad.
  • Target a radius around your Google My Business location(s).
  • Target specific users you know live near your store.
  • Target a radius around your city.

Which of the following is not a type of mobile ad extension?

  • Sitelink extension
  • App extension
  • Download extension
  • Call extension

Viewable impressions allow you to:

  • pay for ads when they are displayed in a viewable position
  • only pay for those ads that are actually viewed
  • pay for ads that are viewed and also converted
  • only pay for video ads that are viewed within an hour

How do upgraded URLs help advertisers with third-party conversion tracking?

  • Show app install ads only to people who haven’t downloaded the app yet
  • Allow advertisers to direct users to the app store to download their app
  • Manage a single tracking URL at the campaign, ad group, or ad level that is separate from the landing page URL
  • Show deep link URLs only to people who already have the app

App downloads are conversions that are tracked when a user downloads or installs a mobile application for the first time.

  • False
  • True

If you value mobile traffic over desktop, which bid adjustment should you set?

  • Increase bid adjustment for mobile and desktop
  • Increase bid adjustment for mobile
  • Increase bid adjustment for tablets
  • Increase bid adjustment for desktop

________ is a tool that can show you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads; whether they made a purchase, downloaded an app, or called your business.

  • Sitelinks
  • App extensions
  • Conversion tracking
  • Keyword Planner

Generally speaking, mobile sites are good for acquiring new customers and inspiring new relationships while mobile apps are good for servicing and engaging existing customers and retaining current relationships.

  • False
  • True

How does Google Ads data-driven attribution give credit for conversions?

  • It gives more credit to clicks that happened closer to the conversion.
  • It uses the linear model to credit conversions equally across all clicks on the path.
  • It uses your unique account data and machine learning technology to distribute credit between ad clicks according to which touchpoints were most critical to the conversion.
  • It gives 40 percent credit to the first click and spreads the remaining 60 percent across all other clicks in the conversion path.

A newer kind of mobile site can do a lot of what only apps used to do, so the line has blurred between sites and apps. What are these sites called?

  • Progressive Sites
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Enhanced Mobile Sites
  • Mobile Site Apps

Google Ads Smart Bidding uses machine learning and your account data to help you do what?

  • Make informed bidding decisions and value mobile accurately.
  • Prevent your total spend from surpassing the hard limit you set.
  • Let you adjust your bids manually, so you’re visible when customers are looking for you.
  • Limit your bids to the times of day when competition for ad space is lowest.

_______ are a type of ad format that show extra information about your business.

  • Deep link ad extensions
  • AdMob extensions
  • App installs
  • Ad extensions

To connect Firebase to Google Ads, which of these is required?

  • More than 100 app installs or conversions
  • A working knowledge of mobile click attribution technologies
  • At least 1 app install or conversion
  • In Firebase, your account needs to be an owner on the project that you want to link. In Google Ads, the Google Account needs administrative access.

Why do mobile advertisers care about driving physical store traffic?

  • Customers buy more online when they know they have the option to visit a physical store.
  • All demographics exhibit more loyalty after visiting a store.
  • Vast majority of sales still occur in physical stores.
  • Online retailers who also offer a physical store option have been shown to bring in the most revenue.

Which kind of targeting can help deliver ads to mobile users when they’re physically near your business location?

  • Ad schedule targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Profile targeting

Roger has your app installed on his phone. While browsing products online, he happens upon a link to one of your products. He’s interested and clicks the link. If you enabled deep linking, where does Roger go to next?

  • The product page on your mobile site
  • The product page on your app
  • Your mobile site’s homepage
  • The Google Play or App store, where he can install your app

What two things can you track with Google Ads out of the box without making any code changes to your app?

  • Android app downloads and Android in-app purchases
  • App installs and core user demographics
  • All app installs and all in-app purchases
  • You can actually track any custom event you want to define.

Automated bidding is ideal for advertisers who:

  • want to set their own bids for individual ad groups
  • don’t want to spend a lot of time managing keywords
  • want to save time managing bids based on hundreds of signals
  • want to set their own bids for individual keywords

Which is a benefit of using server–to–server app conversion tracking over an SDK?

  • Adding SDK and conversion tracking changes to your app doesn’t require review by the Google Play Store
  • If not implemented correctly, adding the SDK and conversion tracking code could result in bugs in the app
  • Adding multiple SDKs for various advertising or analytics platforms have no impact on app code file–size
  • Server–to–server connections are easier to set up than code–less conversion tracking

An app advertiser would want to use a third-party tracking company to:

  • have more control when communicating with each ad network
  • have a single SDK to add to your app instead of one from each ad network
  • see which of an app’s new users came from recent advertising clicks or views
  • receive reporting on basic usage analytics

Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses in eligible countries, can help advertisers understand the value that calls from their ads are driving by counting calls of a minimum duration to a Google forwarding number as conversions.

  • False
  • True

Showing your ads on top of the mobile page in search results is beneficial because:

  • ads below the results get more prominent notice with smaller mobile screens. There are also ads on the right–hand side of the results on mobile.
  • ads above the results get more prominent notice with desktop screens. There are also no ads on the right–hand side of the results on mobile.
  • ads above the results get more prominent notice with larger mobile screens. There are also no ads on the right–hand side of the results on mobile.
  • ads above the results might get more prominent notice with smaller mobile screens. There are also no ads on the right–hand side of the results on mobile.

An advertiser with stores throughout the country could use location extension targeting to:

  • target users in the same way across all of their locations
  • decrease bids by 50% for users who are within 10 miles of their stores
  • target users who are within 10 miles of one particular city in the country
  • target users who are within 20 miles of one particular city in the country

When you use an automated bid strategy, it will automatically optimize your bids based on:

  • your key performance indicator (KPI)
  • your remarketing list
  • your Quality Score
  • your search terms data

Your company has chosen a third-party app analytics service and they happen to be a part of the App Attribution Partners program. In order to share data between Google Ads and your partner’s platform, what do you need to do?

  • Establish a server-to-server connection using postback URLs.
  • Generate a link ID and share it with your partner.
  • Consider a partner that is not part of the program, as it is not possible.
  • Export and share the data as a CSV file.

Which automated bid strategy might help improve the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?

  • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Target search page location
  • Target cost–per–acquisition (CPA)
  • Target outranking share

Select the one way NOT to track app conversions.

  • Adding a Javascript snippet to your website
  • Using codeless Android install tracking
  • Using an app analytics provider for your Google Ads campaigns
  • Integrating Firebase in your app

iOS app conversion tracking cannot be set up using:

  • codeless conversion tracking
  • server-to-server (S2S)
  • install confirmation feedback
  • a SDK

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