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The Professional Gambler


Let me begin by explaining who this article is about. The professional gambler does not make a lot of noise or make himself the center of attention. The professional gambler does not put bets on high-rollers. The real pro is an eloquent, serious, quiet player. The skilled gambler is aware that to stay ahead the competition, it is essential to consider gambling as something that is a business, a profitable business.

Professional gamblers never "go out for a whole day (or night) of playing." You see, the pro would never assume that they'd be out playing all the night. In fact, the pro typically knows within the first 30 minutes whether to keep playing or decide to call it a day. When a professional gambler goes to play, it is specifically designed to win, not to entertain his or her friends. This is work. This is work. You see, there is no way to determine the time it will take to either achieve success (or lose enough) however, the professional will know when one of these limits is exceeded and will possess the ability to spot it and act accordingly.

It's possible that you have played with professionals at times. You're likely to forget that. There's nothing to call attention to the professional player , except for the fact that he is ahead, and then stops! The player doesn't just play because he or she is "out for a night of betting." If professional gamblers wish to be entertained, they go see an event or movie. Gambling is not an "activity" like so many tourists look upon it. It is possible to bet all night in Vegas or Atlantic City. That is what the avid gamblers do. They find it very easy to rationalize...something like this; "Well I played all night and it only cost me $200. That is not so bad for the night with free drinks." This is known as the tourist mindset. Oh sure, you might read about how someone was in Vegas and won millions. It's possible. But more than likely you hear the all too well-known story that goes like this:
"I was up 3 or 4 hundred, but I was able to recover it." You'll never ever hear a professional making such a statement. If one's intention is to earn a profit They will realize that 3 to 4 hundred dollars is an extremely healthy profit that is likely to be gone.

Professional gamblers are militant. They're not there to go on a marathon. The professional is there to win. Losing or winning doesn't usually take that much time, definitely not all day or night. Sure, they might catch an unlucky streak of winning and trust me when I say that the professional will be able to recognize it and ride through the entire duration. The majority of the time, however, the pro's betting will only last enough to earn profits or lose the maximum. If a professional is able to win big, there is no chance that the casino would ever have to pay that amount ever again. Casinos cannot afford losing the pro.

In terms of systems professionals are too smart to think that there's a system that can consistently beat casinos, no matter which game you're playing. The most successful strategies and betting methods will be used by professional gamblers in order to increase their odds of winning. Only a few decisions will be made at the time of the game. The majority of professional's decisions are made before they approach the game. Pros will stick to their existing methods and betting strategies. Professionals won't "chase their cash". Pros will and can accept some losses. It's a fact of life. I would like to compare a professional gambler to an employee who works on commission. There will be times when you earn little or nothing, and you may even lose money if travel expenses are included. Instead, the professional gambler becomes aware of the entire scope of his bet. It's not "how much did I win or lose today?" It's more like "How do I stand in the month ahead or for next year?"

Professional players in poker are a subject I'd like to talk about. They're an entirely different class! Many poker players don't think of themselves as gamblers. They argue that playing poker is a sport of ability and they are very skillful. Professional poker players isn't exactly the same as the person I wrote earlier. I'm likely to, in the next few months, write an article on them. They're an amazing breed!

If you would like more insight as to what makes a professional gambler, you can learn more at [http://www.NousBleux.com/bettingforprofit.html] To pros and amateurs alike, good luck!