Rank your website on Google with the help of video marketing


Video content has become one of the most effective ways of content marketing and a way to get recognized on search engine results. According to Depositphotos, including a video on the landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. According to BrightEdge, 26% of search results on Google will rank a video thumbnail on. Video thumbnails also increase the click rate among your target audience. 

You might be wondering how exactly can your website get ranked on Google with the help of video marketing. Luckily for you, we have got you covered. Here are some video marketing tips to get ranked on Google.

  1. Create mobile-friendly videos 

According to HighQ, 28% of the population with a smartphone watch a video on their phone regularly. Mobile optimization has become the prime focus with the increased use and availability of mobile phones. Mobiles have successfully exceeded desktop views and have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. According to research, Internet traffic generated by mobile internet was 51% of the total online traffic. As a brand or a business owner, the videos you create must be mobile-friendly. 

  1. Upload videos on your website.

It is a very effective strategy to lead people to your website. Make sure that the placement of the video makes sense to the website content. For example, you can upload a video describing your products next on an e-commerce website or publish a video about the story behind your brand on the about us page. Testimonial videos are also known to build trust and engage with your target audience. Consider posting videos on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can include the link to your website in the description and generate more traffic to your website. 

  1. Include metadata in the description. 

You might have written or come across blogs with meta titles, descriptions, and meta tags. The same thing can be included in a video description using the right keywords in the metadata. Search engines use metadata to find your video on the internet and rank it according to keywords. 

Including metadata is a simple and effective way of getting noticed by search engines. It also takes very little time to come up with metadata.

  1. Add a video transcript 

 Posting your video on a blank page will not be effective. You need to embed your videos in the areas that resonate with your video content. Ensure that you publish other written and visual content around the video to brief your audience on what the video is about. Adding a transcript of your videos is another smart SEO strategy to include keywords. A video transcript will pair written content with your video. Create killer website content by having a video transcript alongside your video content. The aim is to make sure that Google understands your video content and ranks you on their search engine pages. 

  1. Curate video sitemaps 

A text file including important data about your video content is called a video sitemap. If you are finding it challenging to get your videos ranked on SERPS, then it is advised that you consider making video sitemaps. 

By submitting video sitemaps to Google, you are informing them that your video is relevant. You are also informing them about your goals when it comes to the audience you want to target. In simple words, a video sitemap will help Google understand your goals and index your video much better. 

  1. Make sure that your video is educational and relevant. 

A potential customer will have questions before investing in your brand or business. Make sure that your video content helps your target audience gain more clarity on your products and services. Your video can impact their purchasing decision. Educational videos about your brand or your niche will make you look more professional and experienced in front of prospective buyers. Consider including a QandA or an FAQ page on your website to answer all the questions. You can include 

keywords on these pages too, if it resonates with the content. 

  1. Include CTA in your videos 

Call to Action is the key to interacting and engaging with your viewers. Consider including a CTA at the end of your video, asking viewers to comment, share, and like your videos. It is a no-brainer that comments and likes will help increase the popularity of your video and help your video get recognized and noticed. Comments and likes will also help improve the SEO ranking. 

  1. Post videos consistently 

You can’t post videos once in a blue moon and expect to get ranked on SERPs. Consistency and dedication are the keys to a smart video marketing strategy. Make sure that your videos provide some value and are relevant. Try and use multiple keywords that resonate with your video content instead of just using one. Once you see the results, you will be motivated to work better and consistently. 

  1. The video should be the focus of the page. 

If you are specifically using video marketing to get ranked on SERPs, then you can’t just hide the video amidst written or other visual content. It will lead to low plays and play rates if your target audience keeps scrolling to land on your video content. Moreover, search crawlers will not go out of their way to index your hidden video. So instead, make your video content the focus of the page to increase your video’s crawlability factor. 

  1. Focus on technical details 

Now that you have successfully curated video content for effective SEO, it is time to know how to keep track of how your video is doing. Ensure that you enter the correct information for search engine crawlers to categorize and rank your video effectively. You can also use tools to understand how the audience is engaging in your video content. For example, you can check the view count, share count, play rate, along with the number of times someone has visited your video page. All this includes the number of subscribers, comments, likes, and dislikes that will determine how successful your video content has been among your target audience. This will also help you understand what areas need to be focused on and which need more work. Consider these rates as feedback on your video content. 

To conclude, video marketing is gaining popularity as a means to get ranked on SERPs. According to Wyzowl, 86% of consumers prefer video content from their favorite brands. As a smart business owner, you should understand the importance of incorporating video marketing into your marketing plan. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement the tips mentioned above to get noticed!