How to Use SEO Tool SpySERP: A Quick Guide


Optimizing the content of your website can be decisive for the success of your business. People will find your site more easily if you include the right keywords for your niche in your content. But how can you know what the best keywords for your niche are? And, how can you know whether the keywords you are using give any good results? The answers to these questions are provided by a rank tracker tool.

What does this software do? Simply, it gives you the position on a search engine results page (SERP) that your site occupies when a given keyword is input. This gives you a clear idea of whether your site is attracting traffic or not. If the rank of your site is not among the best, you can design an SEO strategy that includes using better keywords on your site. Then, you can use again an SEO keyword rank tracker to verify whether the introduced changes were effective.

There are different rank trackers in the market. The most used one by SEO and digital marketing professionals is provided by Its many features make it an ideal tool to optimize any site. It offers many monitoring options. Hence, it is recommendable that you learn to use it. You can get a free version for 7 days to try all its features out.

How to Use SpySERP, the Best SEO Tool Available

Using this SEO rank tracker could not be easier. You can follow these steps to monitor your site:

  • Go to and create an account;
  • Sign in to your account and create a project by clicking on the “Create project” button;
  • Give the project a name and click on “Create project” again;
  • Now, you can choose the search engine of your interest (Google, Yandex, etc.). You can also choose the settings that you deem more convenient for your analysis;
  • Add your site in the “Domains” section and your list of keywords in the “Keywords” section;
  • Select the time to perform the check-up. This finalizes the configuration of the project. Now, you can launch it and start monitoring the ranking of your site.

One of the greatest advantages of this SEO rank checker is its ability to differentiate between desktop and mobile versions of your site. Nowadays, the mobile version of a site is even more important. Most potential customers are online via a smartphone. To monitor the mobile version of your website, you must select “Google Mobile” when you create a project.

For mobile rank checking, Google Mobile is the ideal SERP to monitor. While there are several other search engines, Google Mobile is by far the most used mobile app for online searches. Hence, with the help of, you can have a clear idea of how your site is performing. This can be useful to enhance your online presence in local and other markets. Start using this software. It’s easy to learn.