True or false? You should only include a call-to-action on a blog post once the offer is launched.

· True, if you don’t have a relevant call-to-action, then leave blank.· True, once you publish a blog post, it’s not a best practice to update calls-to-action over time.· False, always provide a next step, even if it’s to sign up for email updates.· False, adding a relevant call-to-action to a blog post will improve your SEO efforts.

You asked your colleague to provide feedback on a blog post you recently wrote. When they sent you their feedback, they made edits directly in the doc. Is this a best practice for a content editing process?

· Yes, because having an editor complete your content ensures it will read well to others.· Yes, a content editor’s role is to make updates the way they see fit.· No, the editor should have tracked changes which would have shown you where they would apply recommended edits.· No, they should have set up a meeting to discuss each edit so you could apply them together.