Which best explains the bullseye framework?

· An organized three-step approach to gaining traction· Identifying a top-performing blog post and reposting every few months· A system that notifies you when your competitors produce a piece of high-performing content· None of the above

What results can you yield by establishing reporting expectations prior to campaign launch?

· The campaign’s written SMART goals will free stakeholders from being directly involved.· The campaign’s planned content will insulate your team from developing unexpected material outside of the written SMART goals.· The campaign’s written SMART goals better align your work with the stakeholders’ key metrics.The campaign’s planned co

When examining your attribution report, you notice 85% of your leads that have closed into customers have downloaded your introductory ebook, but your sales team is only closing 1% of leads from social sources. How do you support your Sales team to close more leads from social into customers?

· Ensure all leads from social sources are nurtured with the introductory ebook before speaking to sales.· Devote more time to posting blogs on Facebook.· Direct further resources for paid advertising on Twitter to spread your influence to additional channels.· Connect with your sales team to coach them on their disconnect in closing the leads.

You’re analyzing the performance of your social channels and you notice that Facebook consistently outperforms your Twitter and LinkedIn page. What should you do next?

· Post the same message on all channels as Facebook since it is working well.· Analyze Facebook further to see which posts are working for future content ideas.· Transition all social ad budget to Facebook in support of boosting each post moving forward.· All of the above