How could this sentence be corrected to cut our fluffy words? “I really just want to go to the store to buy groceries in order to be be prepared for the week.”

· “I really want to go to the store to buy groceries in order to be prepared.”· “I just want to go to the store to buy groceries in order to be prepared for the week.”· “I want to go buy groceries at the store to be prepared for the week.”· “I really want to go to the store to buy groceries in order to be prepared for the week.”

True or false? Effective writers start by filling in the main points of their content and save writing the introduction and conclusion for after they’ve written their piece.

· True, it can be overwhelming to write an introduction first without knowing where the content is headed.· True, the introduction is always the easiest part to write.· False, writing an introduction first will help align the rest of the article.· False, you should write your conclusion before your introduction.