Top Tips for Australian Interactive Marketing In Australia 2020

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With the foray into the first quarter of 2020, it is an opportune time to refresh and evaluate the digital marketing strategies of one’s company. There is a need to ensure that the company does not succumb to ‘digital Darwinism’ or the trend in which a business does not cope with the changes in consumer behaviour and technology evolves faster than efforts to exploit it.

Following are some trends and tips for digital marketing as defined by australian interactive marketing:

• SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Consider the situation when net users search for a product or service and the company’s name figures on the first page of search results. This helps direct potential customers to the company site for free. One must also regularly update keywords for search engines. This is vital to drive traffic to the website. It is not a ‘once and done’ endeavour.

• Google Ads

Though SEO may provide traffic, it may take time. Using Google Ads, the company name can figure instantly on Google pages. Customers search, view the ad, click on it, and are taken to the company website.

• LinkedIn And YouTube Ads

In case the target is B2B, where the target is business customers, LinkedIn ads may be found to be highly effective. On the other hand, YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms. So, advertising on it is not only cheap but also highly effective. Surprisingly, this platform is being neglected by some marketers, even if it has proved to be effective for re-marketing.

• E-mail Automation

Automation puts e-mail marketing on autopilot. Customers get on to your e-mail list and automatically get a series of e-mails that transform them from cold leads to hot leads.

• Make Videos

A highly popular model for educating consumers is to get them to watch a subject matter on a screen. In case the website of the company features a video, it is 50 times more likely to generate customer interest.

• Use Influencers

In 2020, influencer marketing is a strong trend. Hence, the need for a celebrity endorsement, opinions of an ordinary, real person counts as well.

• Social Media Presence

No digital marketer can ignore the impact of social media. This is where maximum people are active.

• Get Familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As per the Harvard Business Review, AI technologies will pervade nearly all software products and services by 2020.

• Act Locally, Think Globally

Exploit the concept of ‘Geo-fencing’; this implies marketing based on the location of customers. This trend is on an upswing in 2020.

• Use Creativity
Begin to conceive ideas in terms of visual imagery and pictures for appealing to customers. This may include the use of Augmented reality. For example, the company Sephora offers interactive pictures for its customers to permit them to view how different shades of make-up look on them personally.

• Provide Personal Experience

Consumers adore the personal experience. The way big companies like Amazon and Netflix offer recommendations to customers based on personal preferences.

• Create A Buzz

Make some noise by conducting a quiz or a contest. Consumers will cherish such interactive experiences.

• Use Pop-up Ad

Bid for a pop-up ad to target consumers who visit websites related to the company’s service or product.

• Compose A Blog

The trend is that small businesses feature blogs generating 126% more leads than those without one.

• Create Chat-bots

This trend is set to overwhelm marketers in 2020. They are computer programs that can chat with customers and are available 24 x 7.

• Website Focused on Conversion

It is vital to have a website that focuses on conversion. There is no role for a generic website that net users view and leave. Instead, it is a website which is created to convert visitors or strangers to authentic leads. This is one major area on which the businesses must focus. Do a review of the current website and track the number of leads captured. In case the company is not getting the best results, one can develop a focused conversion website.

• Make A Podcast

One can attempt to turn the script of one’s blog into an audio podcast. This will make the marketing effort multi-faceted and dynamic.

• Widen Horizons

Concerning search engines, take note that trends are widening beyond ordinary Google searches to voice searches. Voice searches are becoming very common, and so also- ‘picture-searches.’ The latter involves using a mobile camera as a mode to search for a product.

• Live the Moment

Micro-moments are a new concept in marketing. It implies exploiting the moment when a consumer makes a conscious decision to search, to go, to buy, or to do.

• Go Analytical

Exploit AI for one’s benefit, like updating analytics. AI can analyse search patterns and consumer behaviour. It can make use of data from platforms of social media to help understand how customers buy products and services.

These are the major trends in digital marketing in 2020. Digital marketing services in Australia cannot afford to ignore these trends.

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